the White rabbit.

The White Rabbit
is a character from Spongebob and Friends and Alice in Wonderland. He is also the very reason Alice and the Shell Louge Squad ended up stuck in Wonderland. Over the years the White Rabbit has became the second most iconic Alice in Wonderland character after Alice. He always trying to beat the clock, and his famous words are "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! No time to say, Hello, Good-bye, I'm late, i'm late, I'm late!". he's like the time cautious uncle to the louge.

Appearances [1]Edit

Spongebob and Friends and Alice in wonderland. [2]Edit

The White Rabbit was first shown walking peacefully without a care in the world, until he looks at his watch and realises he is late for announcing the Queen of Hearts. The White Rabbit is the Queen of Heart's announcer, but is not credited as a villain. He is seen throughout the film being followed by Alice. He notices her following him but explains that he cannot converse because he is late.

The Mad Hatter comments that the reason the White Rabbit is late is because his watch is exactly two days slow, and proceeds to tear it apart and cover it in tea, butter, and jam, then his friend, the March Hare, hits it with a hammer.

In the film, he was able to stop Cynder's and the rest of the shell lougers exicution, along side the crows. He is Cynder's time keeper, as he dubbed her the new queen of wonderland, and seems to be the peace keeper of the wonderlandian lougers.

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