With Boan's plans for the anicent portal making weapon folied, the portal weapon destroyed and Twilight, Spike and the Mane 5 back from Nega-equestia, safe and sound. The Equestiran Magical Creatures Council now orders the death sentence on Boan for his crimes against Twilight, The Louge and evreything he has done as a villain and are determined to make an example of the supposed last of the Contraiters of The Snake Tribes return saga and his clever tricks and His involvement with the great eater and near death from it, as well as some part-takes in various villain team-ups, imfamously the dark order. luckly for Boan, Or-Gan-I-Sation and the other Oc villains involved from Cobra's Anti-Oc Villain Campaign aren't just gonna let a personal friend of theirs get exicuted, expeically not the snake tribes, so, they get clever with this, by using the fact Boan is the last of the Contraiters, thus making him an endangered spieces, and earned the care of the Wildlife Federation agent Jennifer Meanwell, a presevreive female Gazelle, and reguardless of knowing well not to help villains, understands well that no spieces deserves to be wipe out just because the last indivual is a crook! with Boan as a protacted spieces, the death sentence, by little choice on the mythical council, was droped, with Boan only made returning resident as an inmate of Prison 42. justice, half met? Unless the lougers are able to bring back Boan's race (which still ignorently won't be acceptecd by Boan) that were destroyed bt the great eater, Boan will do pretty much what he wants and Jennifer meanwell or the entire WWF won't let them physically harm Boan with death sentences.

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