Vleuel Wingate, aka The Winger, is an ostrich from the Kung Fu Panda world. Born in the world's Africa, he grew up bullied by flying creatures until he learned a powerful forbidden fighting move that cost each of the bullies their wings. After this maim, Vleuel ran from Africa and became a wing collector as a method of justice for the oppressed flightless against "Flyers", "Winged Demons/Oppressors", or his commen insult, "Flighters", particularly creatures that have useful wings but don't know how to use them, but will find it merciful to take the wings if they aren't used properly in time. He removes wings by using a forbidden Kung Fu technique known as the Kāitáng Pò Dù Slice, a move developed by a Chinese bird warrior in the First Dynasty where a straight flat hand turns as sharp as a blade, or even becomes one, allowing a single chop to slice off the limb of any opponent, even if they were wearing armor or if other attributes like them being gods or typically having very thick skin. It's been implied that Vleuel has a very personal history with Master Crane and may be considered a catalyst to his complicated life story in his family.

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