Since the humiliation of the Death King, there comes something everyone thought died in conquering: The Death King's father and Storm King's great grandfather The Torment King, who was actually the first of the Clan to fail when conquering and die because of it. Torment King is more feared than his son for one reason: He has the power of literally every member of the Clan as he granted them their staffs after having them split from his own, the Staff of Algos, and he was praised and/or feared for making the Clan the reckless, sociopathic, and monstrous conquerors they are today with his toughness, sadistic nature, as his staff allowed him to torment his enemies into fearing him, killing themselves, restoring mental pain, inducing physical pain, emotional trauma, tears of pain and torment, and is a master of torment itself. It's revealed that since his apparent death, he has ended up becoming immortal since he absorbed such a spell before he died, allowing him to heal for years, and had just gotten out of his healing coma, and this allows him to be back and out for revenge against the Guardians of Harmony and their new allies. Thus, he takes the mantle as Valkyrie and Thunder's mentor, and intends to show them exactly how a conquer is done the right way. How will he do it, and what is in store for our heroes?


Torment King Returns

Storm Castle Ruins

  • Valkyrie Queen: (Reviews a past-viewing portal of the other Storm Clan Members suffering great and often times humiliating defeats)...... Ugh. Such desecration. It's a pain to see those family members of ours being defeated like they had been. Joke Prince I wasn't too surprised, he was always an unfocused yuts, But Wind King at least looked like he knew what he was doing, but still lost! Speed King had something going about being fast enough to free ALL OF TARTARUS like what Mom wanted to do, but he wastes it as a threat to force a race! The Crime Kingpin of all people, I thought he had this! But he was conned to litterally taste defeat! The Fire King could've been hot enough to turn Equestria into a new Daemon Wastes, but ultamately burned out at the worse possable moment! Quake King would've been able to shake foundations, but it was HIS that ultamately collapse! Then Uncle Baron tried his method but clearly failed! Then the Rumor Lord tried his shot, but suffered the most indigifived defeat ever! Then Drama tried her hand. Then Grandpa Death..... ALL FAILED?! And I don't even wanna talk about what happened to Conquest King, who never got to even MEET the heroes, Undergrowth who ultamately proved why the clan never stays in their congured kingdoms, and that twit Sky Duke and how his pirate games ultamately proved costly! It's almost pointless to celebrate the lunar eclipse with this in mind. It almost makes me want to cut our losses and just leave Equestria alone.... But family pride will NOT let me!
  • Thunder King: Well neither will it let me, to the dismay of our fatiqued stragitists. With the Storm Clan in shambles and Sacana still missing, even we go to s*** running the family. Nobody was best at leading than father or Sacana. Even with only half of our family gone, the lands have mostly came to forget about their fear of us! There's even talk that our controled kingdom might have a secret rebelion in our midst! After all these years of obedient control, some of our followers finally began to lost thier nerve! It's just so... INFURIATING!!! (Shout echos right into Valkyrie Queen's ears)
  • Valkyrie Queen: OW!! Tonitrus, I get that yelling at different times seems to subtly hint our clan name, but can you not be so loud RIGHT IN MY EAR?!?
  • Thunder King: Sorry! I'm just so pissed. Those heroes always torment us, and our family is just too STUPID to get the job done like they used to. If only Sacana did not booted us off that mission at the worse time, then we would've still have him with us! Is there at least ONE FAMILY MEMBER OF OURS WHO CAN STAND A CHANCE?!? (The eclipse occurred and cackles were heard)
  • Valkyrie Queen:... What was that?
  • Thunder King: I think it came from the family graveyard. (They ran comically to the graveyard to find a grave marked 'Algos Storm' was magically active as the ground burst open with the eclipse shining on it)
  • ???: I sense your torment!... (Black smoke gust from the grave as another Satyr came out cackling) Feed my power, dark eclipse. Free my form from the abyss. Torment and magic go unchained. The Torment King BE WHOLE AGAAAIINN!! (Cackles) YES!! The magic, the body! I'm BACK! (He approaches the two surprised siblings)... Hello, great grandchildren. I've MISSED you.
  • Valkyrie Queen:...... Who, ARE you?
  • Torment King: (Chuckles) Of course you wouldn't remember. You were only newborns when we last met. Well I am your great grandfather Algos Storm. But I go by the name of, THE TORMENT KING!! I was cast into this wretched tomb long ago by the Guardians of Harmony and...... Wait, aren't there three of you? Where's Sacana?
  • Thunder King and Valkyrie Queen: "...... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... It's, a long story."
  • Torment King: "..... (Deadpan) Okay, how badly did this clan fell from graces?"
  • Thunder King: "How did you-"
  • Torment King: "Well how did you think I came back, genius?"
  • Thunder King:... Well I guess the Torment King would come back after the family fell in torment. So you're our great grandfather? Were you on our mom's side or dad's side?
  • Valkyrie Queen: More importantly, we've been in this torment for years and it took an eclipse to finally free you? How does that work?
  • Torment King: Well you see, I channel my powers t- (Got dumbfounded)... It's just magic, okay?
  • Valkyrie Queen: Can't argue with that. So, um, how long were you dead?
  • Torment King: Depends. What year is it?
  • Thunder King: (It will depend on what year this will be offictally worked on).
  • Torment King: THAT LONG!! Blast you, Subjuncta!
  • Valkyrie Queen: Father? What'd he do?
  • Torment King:...... Let's just say he failed his own grandfather.
  • Thunder King: Father's side, got it. So, um... How much catching up do we need from you, great grandfather?
  • Torment King: Well first I need to ask where your father is. This family is wrecked and must be repaired.
  • Valkyrie Queen:......
  • Torment King:... Dead, huh? Shame. Okay, then the current successor...... He's missing huh?.... Wow, I took one dirtnap and then suddenly in several years time, the family falls apart! Never thought those Guardians of Harmony would finally get us after my time.
  • Thunder King: "Weeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllll, it's not exactly, just THEM! Originally, we were PERFECTLY able to keep them at bay, it's just...... Well, it all started when Sacana was making the compaign to go after the Hippogriffs."

A very long story later.

  • Torment King: Hmmph. Like father like son. Your father turned his back on me and got me cast in the ground. I never thought in this long that Sacana, the heir to his father, would lose his honor when he was named heir, and got himself killed because of it. No wonder the family's falling apart. He destroyed our honor and died by dishonorably turning against his own commander.
  • Thunder King: Well he did see Tempest was using him, and she did put her trust on him and finally swear loyalty at the wrong time.
  • Torment King: (Chuckles) Amateur. That kind of torment takes honor. The reason that only Terror Shogun was still standing is because of honor. If you are you use someone back, you have to do it in style. If things had turned out differently, he'd still be alive. Here's how I would've done it: keep my word to Tempest and restore her horn, and when his additional foes are down and her guard is down, THEN you betray her. By doing it too early, she was the ultimate one to defeat him.
  • Thunder King: Are you sure that's honorable?
  • Torment King: Hey, we're evil. People said we had no ambiguity for just being evil, but evil being too much fun is ambiguous enough. Honor is like a split personality to us. It's there when it must be. I perfected evil for the Storm Clan since the beginning. Hell, I created the original version of the weapons you wield.
  • Valkyrie Queen: I thought Scorpan did most of the work.
  • Torment King: Who do you think set him up for the idea? I did. We made an entire armory together but he cast me off and closed the weapons away.
  • Thunder King: The armory that father found?
  • Torment King: Yes. Scorpan guarded it with his own life.
  • Valkyrie Queen: So I guess that's how father got us access to them. And why Scorpan is nowhere to be found in Pana anymore.
  • Torment King: Your father was a great warrior. But I was always in his shadow. He couldn't appreciate my talents in magic, suffering, conquest and evil. That's why he betrayed me when I threatened his leadership by telling everyone of his lack of courtesy to his own grandfather.
  • Valkyrie Queen: Doesn't necessarily sound like him at all. He's evil in many ways. But he's not betray-your-family evil. We all have familial obligations.
  • Torment King: Oh? Well if that was true, then why do you think he never told you about me?
  • Thunder King: "..... WELL GREAT?! Our father was a penultamate prick to even his own kin?! Ughhh! I feel like we were better off with Uncle Order King, but as we know, he was able to resist Lord Order's brother's words and thus dad had him casted out! And not like he would ever help us after how infamous we became!"
  • Torment King: "Also, Order has too high of a price to ever ask for his help anyway: Repentence. He's too loyal to the old "Heaven Clan" ways to be of ANY proper use to us. And likely grudgemental considering how much your father kicked his ass. Order got so badly beaten that he know leans on his staff and is blind physically after how hard he got punched in the face. He had to put eye tattoos on his hands to magicly simulate sight again. And even then, he was never fond of conquest and revenge anyhow, so, he's out of the list either way. In fact, if he knew I was back, he would sooner try to make me dead again then ever help us out."
  • Thunder King: "I know!? That's what sucks about him?! He's as powerful as dad, but he's stuck to the old ways of us being "Nice", Pre-Lord Choas!"
  • Valkyrie Queen: "Well the biggest issue of all is that we don't know where he is anyway. So not only would he be the oppisite of helpful in more ways then one, but we don't even know where he is!"
  • Torment King: "And likely doesn't want us to, knowing how badly Hurricane alone did to him. But at the end of the day, we don't need to get ANY of the family involved anyway. Because it looks like it's gonna have to be ME to get this clan back in working order. And what better way to start, then putting the same land that has bested the rest, to finally be put in it's place. I bet that if Equestria falls to a guy like me, all of the other lands will soon enough take the Storm Clan seriously again! In fact, based on what ya said, even the Guardians would lose their nerve after how badly Equestria will exspearience hell!"
  • Thunder King: "Great, but, there's just, one little thing..... There's also a group of misfit aliens and-"
  • Torment King: "Say no more! I already got the gist of them from Sacana's second outing alone. Those misfits, I admit, do sound like serious contenders, if even my damn son lost to them! And we all know how Death ain't usually a pushover! Believe me, kiddies, I never lost my edge, because I was NEVER there to lose it. This will be a conquest you won't soon forget. (Cackles as thunder crackled)... Why's the thunder still going? Oy, my staff is too aged. We'll need time to not only fix it, but prepare for something even Equestria won't expect."


Coming soon...


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DuckTales - The Return Of Magica DeSpell (Clip)

Return of Torment King

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Torment King Attacks

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