The Torment King did something that has become the biggest surprise to the Clan and the heroes since their death in the hands of his son: He broke them apart and made them his evil servants. Thus, the Mane Six and company are the only ones able to fight off Torment's tricks, but not for long, as they turn to a pony veteran from outside Equestria who was one of his many victims named May Might, who tells of his legacy, his infamy, his impact on his foes and how he turned them into frightened slaves, and how he likely came after the embarrassment of his family and his son, and that he will not stop until he scares all in his way and in Equestria into his mind-torn slaves, and gives vague hints on how to likely beat him, half-cryptic and half-straightforward before he finally dies of the afflictions he went through fighting Torment King. He continues to torment everypony in Equestria, and allow his clan to take it over at long last, and with their heroes and saviors being mentally destroyed, he has been able to steal all the magic in Equestria, and even Questra, and thus, with heroes dwindling one-by-one to his tricks, the Equestrian heroes have to do what they can to stop Torment before he heals the Storm Clan's reputation just as easily as he molded them into the ruthless conquerors they are now, before they are all gone and Equestria is lost. It would have to take someone too unimaginably stupid to even acknowledge his corrupting attempts, someone so idiotic that he can't break him/her... Who else but Deadpool, because if there's anything he's proven to foes like Taskmaster, it's that his mind is too unfathomable to predict or break, or understand for that matter.


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