The X-Infinity Neckbrace is a cosmically powerful object that is basicly the distent relitive of the Infinity Gauntlet, along with stones of the same simular caliber, Soul, Reality, Mind, Space, Time and Power, but with an additional 7th Stone that gives it an extra oomth, an ever changing mood-stone-like stone that reflects it's owners feelings: The X-Infinity Stone, AKA, the Multiverse Stone, a multipurpose stone that can allow the wearer of the Neckbrace to be able to freely enter any dimention in spite of spefific physical laws, even if that dimention shouldn't be suitable to the wearer without it. The X-Infinity Neckbrace is an item soughted out by pretty much everyone, mortals, immortals, gods, even the Outer Gods to the highest caliber have their eyes set on what is basicly multiverseal cheatcodes wearable as a fastion accsessery. The X-Infinity Neckbrace would have the power to penultamately forever change the fate of the Multiverse it is in just by simply it's wearer thinking about it. The X-Infinity Neckbrace is an object that can be noted to be flouting aimlessly across the Multiverse until a suitable user can be selected, and once so, all Multiverseal Hell will break loose.


Resembles This.

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