An example of a Xexaxez.

The Xexaxez are a race of Galaxy-Sized Qouantom-Cosmic engery beings that are the Amoral Ones' penultamate archangels in keeping the peace in the Mulitverse by devouring dimentions that either gotten too powerful and a threat to Multiverse peace, or were considered a "Qouantom Glitch" and were never intended to exist. The Xexaxez exist to convert the offending or unintentionally existing dimention into cosmic engery which is what their bodies are made out of. They are massive cross-dimentional creatures with giant hands that can hold entire systems and long impossable to escape arms, and a gapping maw with an all seeing eye in it that can enfluence any being of any dimention, and a presence and power so great that even the strongest of gods that exist within dimentions fear even the uttering of the name. Their lovecraftian nature can make many avergae mortals look horrafived at their majusty and unable to speak, so often it is not recimmended to look a a Xexaxez directly, for looking at them, espeically at the eye, will turn you into their Avatar and have the poor soul carry out their deeds of seeking out residence of punished dimentions to be thrown into their home realm of Dimention Nothing, a realm between dimentions where the creatures can watch all dimentions in secret and monitor any potaintional risk of a dimention becoming too strong or something not of intention of an Amoral one. The Xexaxez are a naterolly mute race, but they can speak telepathicly, but their amoral nature and deafen booming voice can make any mortal, immortal, even gods, winced, panic and curled into a ball in fear, and only those who are immeaseurely well verse into knowledge of the multiverse can be able to withstand their preasence, even being able to talk with them. The Xexaxez are force so intense, that these same groups that do acknowledge their existence always obscure their existence and any depictions of them as much as possable to prevent them from discovering them, for even a mere depiction of a Xexaxez will leave it's witness to have a severe panic attack, where it is said that the depiction would allow a Xexaxez to speak to the looker. Cause of this, the mightiest of gods, the fiercest of demons, or even the most powerful of elder races or the greatest wizards, all fear even a crude depiction of a Xexaxez and would censor the fuck out of it to oblivian. Not even texted depictions of Xexaxez are allowed, for any book that holds such depictions are often destroyed and burned, for even text would allow a Xexaxez to speak to you. They also pocess a servent race in the Xirds, smaller and lesser bird versons of the Xexaxez that're basicly the Xexaxez equilent to Worxians.
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