The Zeus Brotherhood Logo

The Zeus Brotherhood Logo.

The Zeus Brotherhood is a secret goverment-eqsed faction of superiors of Kratoisan, Hadesian, and even Lagoolaian superiors that are/were at some point members of some form of goverment or at least part of a smaller branch, that in trying to prevent a propicy of Superiors entering god race for the sake of maintaining control, have been malmitulating all of the leaders of every kind of superiors, even Grotch Prometheus, with help of malmitulation great enough to ignor Psyic Sheilds and control them as if they never had them, so there would never be an unallined goverment member that breaks the status quo, so their order, and in a sense, their sense of being useful to all of Kratos as the goverment members they're known for. But something of this magnitude is likely not to be appresiated by the people for various reasons. Because of this, their Zeus Brotherhood status is anomimus. But the trade-off to these otherwise benvolent enough well intentions is that it started the rise of, if not all, the vast majority of evil superiors, but even dispite this, the Zeus Brotherhood considers it a worthwhile sacrivice for the sake of not being rendered un-needed. For the longest time, even the wisest and greatest of heroes end up not realising they are real. Even the Shell Louge Squad would go through a day in Kratos and never discover their enfluence. However, even the Zeus Brotherhood will learn that you can't shake desteny forever.


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