These 4 creatures hail from various violent Sci-Fi movies and are the pets of Dark Cynder, gifts to her by Lord Cobra. However, whenever Cynder is cured from her corruption, she loses control of these monsters, and must become Avatar Cynder in order to regain control of them.

The Anaconda(Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood)

Anaconda (Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood): The leader of the four and the most intelligent of all of them. She is a fierce warrior snake who can't die without significant damage to it's internal organs. The snake was born as the offspring of the 2 deceased mutant anacondas from the previous film that were both giant anacondas that were injected with a serum made from blood orchids that gave them both a longer size and lifespan, and even a razor-sharp spike on their tails used for stabbing their prey. However, the offspring snake was injected with a new serum made from blood orchid hybrids that gave the snake a much longer length, a much longer lifespan, and the ability of cell regeneration.

  • Length- 60 ft
  • Weight- 150 lbs
  • Abilities- Strength, Agility, Speed, Endurance, Intelligence, and Cell Regeneration.
Kvc cobra

The Giant Cobra(Komodo vs. Cobra)

Giant Cobra (Komodo vs. Cobra): Second-in-Command of the 4 beasts. The Cobra was once an average everyday cobra until it was fed an experimental compound by the military designed to make edible plants grow to a massive size. As a result, it became a massive monstrous beast with a taste for meat. The Cobra has a genius mind, powerful strength, and a bulletproof hide, making it the wild card of the gang. In the series, The Cobra and The Komodo both hate each other, but are not allowed to fight by the rules of The Villain League.
  • Length- 70 ft
  • Weight- 1 ton
  • Abilities- Strength, Agility, Speed, Intelligence, and a Thick, Bulletproof Hide.


The Giant Komodo (Komodo vs. Cobra)

Giant Komodo Dragon (Komodo vs. Cobra): The stupid brute of the gang, and a vicious lizard with no heart at all. Like it's enemy, it was an average everyday Komodo Dragon that was fed the same compound giving him a massive size, and upgraded poison glands in it's mouth, causing anyone who gets bitten by it to turn into a regular Komodo Dragon. The Komodo is really stupid and easy to take down once you get the hang of it's physical difficulty. Even though it is forbidden to attack it's enemy as a loyal member for The Villain League, it and The Cobra still hate each other.
  • Length- 40 ft
  • Weight- 1 ton
  • Abilities- Strength, Stamina, and Mutating Bacterial Glands in Mouth.

Turok at the mercy of the Terror Bird

The Terror Bird (Turok: Son of Stone)

Terror Bird (Turok: Son of Stone): The Terror Bird (Phorusrhacos longissimus) is a prehistoric creature that tormented prehistoric horses in the beginning of the Age of Mammals. It is very lethal, strong, smart, and fast. It kills by wounding with it's large, sharp beak, which could easily tear a wound or hit a vital organ.
  • Height- 8 ft
  • Weight- 280 lbs
  • Abilities- Speed, Agility, Intelligence, Strength, and a Razor-Sharp Beak.

During the Agrabah campaign, Cynder decided that since the other villains had been temporary defeated, she would have to find more new recruits from obscure films, as is Maleforian obscure movie law. It was only by chance that she discovered the worlds of the forth Anaconda movie, Cobra vs komodo, and Turok: the son of stone, found 4 of its most deadliest predators, then have Cobra channel their darkest hearts to make them obedient to her. Despite their failure to take over Agrabah, D.C was able to forgive them and adopted the brutes as her pets. But once Spyro cured her and freed Cynder from Cobra's corruption, the monsters were forced to work for Mirage. Despite their harsh intolerance for the cat sorceress, they respect her anyway for they know her tolerance for failure from them is a mere 0. they are set to be renamed the villain leage nightmare patoon, with the addsion of new members to the group.

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