Allkary T. Annex, AKA Agent Thexus or Bravo, is an Alternate UUniversal Avatan from Planet Noel. She is a female holothurian being who grew up to be among the greatest and most famous Avatan female fighters of all time, serving well in the many wars her face fought in their home system, as she was raised away from her race's home system on Noel for safety. She married the AI of the long-deceased founder of Creed of the same name, being a common form of Omnican that is the result of passing a living being's consciousness into an Omnican unit, and thus keeping many important and necessary biological details such as a DNA synthesizer that allows the unit to impregnate a loved one. Allkary gave birth to Tilly, a hybrid child who grew up to be a competitive fighter for Project: Testlancer, a semi-unauthorized experimental team meant to test experimental weaponry and products for the Freetraders headquartered on Creed to sell, being mainly run by Yesman Chaeron, the assistant of the head of the Freetrader business Master Freemond Traeger, who was actually a law absolutist with a bad thinking about the Freetraders, and has manipulated the team to act and look like criminals, and if one knows too much, to place the blame on the director, Creed. Thex later died when failing to stop a civil war on Noel, and through Alfa's fragmented memory of her, was brought back as an Omnican-gynoid and the new leader once Creed believed she would be as flawless as she was in life, or even better, believing that biology wasn't enough and added artificial enhancement completely. But as she lead and brought her daughter, codenamed Carolia, low by making her jealous and causing her to make a fool of herself, she was the first one to discover Chaeron's plans by deciphering the data he had on much of what he did to the Testlancers, and once Chaeron caught her in the act, Chaeron had her arrested and shut down even when she tried to fight him and her own teammates off, giving her back to Creed for further experimentation, and later on had those who learned of the truth exiled on Noel, leaving them to try and find proof to have Chaeron sent to justice when he would always find ways to yank victory from their grasp. Thex would remain in experimentation until unlikely heroes, as well as Creed's AI base and his newfound friends in the form of the members of Noel's feuding families the Reddles and Blumes, would ultimately put a stop to Chaeron's plans once and for all. She is the AUU version of Red vs. Blue Texas, only with major changes.


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