The Heroes Act are ambushed in their very Hero Hive at midnight in their sleep by what the UIS had called "Headcases", or beings who have cranial enhancements and thus can do anything with their minds. They were almost killed if it wasn't for an infamous vigilante Headcase named Impossible Johnck, leader of The Impossible Crew, who are yet another neutral UIS hero group that is hated for refusing to choose a side, and his enhanced mind found it insulting to be forced to pick a choice and instead desecrated them as revenge, making him a wanted man. But he doesn't even earn the trust of the heroes because of being nihilistic, nearly unstoppable when he does his work even to his allies who disagree with him, hence the name, and his actions have never been stopped, whether he's doing the right thing or not, even if it puts everything and anything around him in peril and collapse. Thus, Johnck accuses the HA of being ungrateful and to recind his desire to ask them to help with a dire issue involving why that attack happened. Though the HA still acted 'ungrateful' in Johnck's eyes, they at least begrudgingly decided to play ball with him on grounds that they don't want Headcase attacks to be a routine thing for the HA. Which of course now the HA and the arriving Lodgers are caught in a personal struggle between him and an old foe of his, pretty much the crime boss of the Headcases that tried to kill the HA, who was hired by Johnck's archenemy Steele, a metal-jawed Romber. Thus when Johnck upstages the heroes in stopping Steele in his destructive way, a disruptive and ethical argument that jeopardizes Johnck's inner circle and everything important to him causes him to threaten to destroy them all at any cost. It's revealed by IC member Webo, the love interest of Johnck's son Jan, that Headcases are so infamous and successful because their brain enhancements make them amoral, a quality that comes with too much intelligence, and thus Johnck is literally unable to process morality since the day he sold his body to the Headcase Leader, Ingram Qasim Brainstrom, to try and get the intelligence to save his wife's life only for the intelligence to get the best of him as it is how Brainstrom gained more citizens. Now he is their top defender since his wife died and he has nothing better to live for with his comrades Jan, Webo, Jan's adopted Clontollan brother Rello, and pet cyborg Numgo Hustle who almost killed Johnck after he tried to force Jan to get rid of him after disobeying his orders of leaving him in the alleys, easily interesting him and making him a worthy member. They even learn that it was part of Steele's plan to destroy Johnck once and for all. Although, it backfired when Steele smuggly shouted it out loud and got blasted to bits for it by Johnck and abandoned by his master for his mistake as Johnck went berserk that he didn't predict it. Can the heroes slap some sense to a Headcase?

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