Trixie has found newfound difficulty juggling between being new student counciler and still being a Louger. She also can't handle things like having to contend with whenever Buzzord does something nutty professor worthy or whenever a student needs copeing from a rough animal fight with Koningin, and less said about Entropy fooling around with her, the better. It also doesn't help that Trixie doesn't nessersarly have great relations with the other staff, often because they felt like Trixie only got into the position cause Starlight being headmare cuts into her social time with her. And relations with the parents and guardian representives isn't all that steiller neither in parent-teacher confriences, espeically with Gruff still being Gruff. Also not helping that some villains had tried to attack the school cause of Trixie, a Louger, being there, whether it's Junjie with his crazy plans, Mercurymon and Meng Tao trying to nab an easy score of "One of the less serious Lougers", even Scratch and Grounder trying to nab her in hopes Nefarious would use her as a ransom for the secret to utilise the Boundry Generator. Starlight and Sunburst talk about how to resolve the issue, espeically a teacher/staff review done by the New E.E.A leader Yaysay where staff that get lower scores will have to be relieve or repurposed in the school if their current position isn't applicable. So things take the turn for the ugly when it is discovered that Latifier had escaped from Prison 42 in having heard about Trixie working in the School of Friendship, and in having stolen an exspearimental Mega-Sci Corp device, he uses it to switch minds with Trixie and began to foul up her reputation via framing Trixie as being an insulting arrigant jerk (Basicly Trixie in MLP Season 1 era of things), and started doing things like savatoshing Buzzord's creations, causing all of Koningin's captured training animals and beasts to run loose into the school, entrapping Entropy into an anti-chaos orb of Lord Order's, among other things. Latifier also upseted every parent and/or guardian, Gruff in even having a more soured relation with her, and all this occuring while Yaysay had arrived and was shocked by the anarchy in display! The Real Trixie, helpless in being trapped in Latifier, needs to be able to prove that she's the real Trixie while every friend she has will only mistake her as Larifier.

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