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Thorax IX is a world planet in the Hasbro Universe, and the home planet of a deceptively intelligent race of bug creatures simular to The Arachnids from the Starship Trooper worlds (At least the movies and related games.) called the Thoraxians. Like the forementioned creatures, they look and act unsentient, but in reality they're actselly super advance in a more organic way without the need for tec. Fortunately, vastly unlike the Arachnids, the Thoraxians are usually more peaceful and won't attack non-Thoraxians over colonies being made on their controled planets, but they will get defensive when their surviveal is threaten by anyone. Even the Grox, and the Dragmites in their glory days, know better then to tamper with the Thoraxians, because even without tec, they are considered to be a trans-dimentional "God Race", reaching a level that can trump even the most tecnologically advanced of races, as their method of spreading their enfluence is both natrol, yet of sci-fi worthy legend. Though it's evident that the Thoraxians are from a vastly different United Universes, it's hard to pin-point which, as it's said that they pretty much have an empire that expands more and beyond! It is still debated on what is the interests of the Thoraxians and why they spread beyond their currently unknown true native UUniverses, but it is commenly believed that they aim to be a master race to all united universes with whatever means they deem suitable, whether peaceful or even forceful if they felt it has to be done. The Thoraxians earned fearful respect yet great admiration because of this, and thus, a Futurasiaian-Eqse Human/Sentient Animal Socity of a neightbering system of colonies, under the goverment system of the Unionated Citizenship Confederacy, training the best soldiers to prepare for whenever this race should suddenly turn or given a provoked reason to be hostile. And in a unexplained twist of events, the Thoraxians seemed to have launghed an over-kill attack via an astroid name from rocks of Planet Thorax 9, seemingly have ignited a war over illegal colonies by the those that disobey the Co-Existence Agreement Treaty signed by them and the Confederacy over trying to mine highly valuable gems that were brought over from their unknown native Uuniverses that are not only worth a fortune, but could hold secrets to why they have such a remarkable form of assention, which priorly to this lead to aggresive, but strangly un-fatal attacks as the creatures merely chased the coloniests away with only few injuries and emotional scars of their sterness for their terratory. Even dispite that it doesn't felt consisent on how they would properly act, the U.C.C. reguardless, declared war against the race to prove that "The U.C.C. isn't afraid to play rough"! And thus, an infamously bitter and violent war has been going on ever since.


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The Thoraxians

The Thoraxians were originally believed to be mindless creatures. But when some dead "sand beetles" were dissected, the biology teacher states that the Thoraxians have millions of years of evolution behind them and are, in the case of survival capability, the perfect species. They have the ability to colonize planets "by hurling their spore into space" and possess a social structure which fits their mental capabilities. As the Bug War progressed, it became clear that they have a caste system, with each subspecies filling a specific role. Creatures akin to "Brain Bugs" and "God Bugs" have extreme psychic abilities that can be used to control all bugs in the colony. Most types of the Bugs are abit more animalistic, but not true idiots, though true intelligence belongs to the creatures in akin to the "Brain Bug", "Control Bug," "God Bug", and the Queen. As the Confederation expanded its territory across the Galaxy, it came into contact with the Thoraxians Species covering an area of it. The Confederation initially intimidated by what was seemingly unsentient. However, their organisation of scaring away and chasing out coloniests proved otherwsie. To avoid conflict, a treaty was signed between confederacy and the Thoraxians that the region of space the Thoraxians had colonized was Quarantined to prevent any from settling within it. Despite this, unofficial and above all unahutherised colonies were created by those too curious and too greedfully lusting about the Thoraxians beloved gems from their unknown native Uuniverses that they have planted and miraculiously grew in the planets they ruled, espeically Thorax 9, with intent to mine them for the gens either for well intentioned reshearch, or even just to feed personal fantasies of making a fortune from the highly valuable rocks, often ending in non-violent, non-fatal, but still very aggresive attacks of these poorly defended colonies leading to forced evacuations.  As it has been offically reported by Confederacy Higher Ups, In response to these intrusions into Thoraxian colonies, the Thoraxians somehow launched a Meteor Attack on a less then prepared planet, resulting in their first ever kill count dispite not being so violent priorly. This led to the Bug War, and the Second Bug War.


  • Soldier Thoraxian- The Solider is the basic grunt of the race. They were used on every front in all conflicts as it is able to be reproduced in much larger numbers than other Thoraxians and as it is the only Thoraxian to be the standard infantry, whilst the other types are more specialized.
  • Tank Thoraxian- As a large Thoraxian used against Mobile Infantry, the Tanks resemble a giant beetle and play the role of tanks/armors of the Thoraxian forces.
  • Jumpers- The Jumpers are flying Thoraxians that were used for hit and run tactics against small units, and as air support for large attacks. The Jumper is essentially a Soldier with wings. Jumpers are swift and agile fliers, but their light and poorly armored bodies makes them vulnerable. They attack enemies either by grabbing and stabbing them with a pincer located on the rear end of its tail, or by swooping down to slash with their claws, then fly quickly away before the remaining enemies can have a chance to attack it.
  • Plasmus- The Plasmus Thoraxian is a breed of the race that able to discharge plasma at enemies. With each bug specially engineered for a specific role in combat, Plasma Bugs serve as planetary defense, anti-aircraft and artillery units. They have an enormous abdomen which swells up and can launch a plasma burst into orbit. The burst is powerful enough to deflect an asteroid, which easily lead to people assumed it was how they "caused" the dishastor given this power, or slice a capital ship in two. It is believed that they serve as launching units for spore capsules.
  • Scorax- The Scorax, or simply, as nicknamed, "Scorpion", is a heavily armored Thoraxian used during the Second Bug War. Due to its heavy armor, the creature is very slow, and has poor agility. However, it's virtually invulnerable to rifle rounds, as they are not strong enough to penetrate the thick armor.
  • Plasma Bomb Laungher- A Thoraxian that's an evolutionary cousin to the Plasmus, as well as the downsized verson. Capable of close combat ability and used for distance attacks against the enemies. It is somewhat large, but it is able to move around somewhat quickly.
  • Grenade Bug- As the name implies. A small ball shaped Bug that is fired from an unknown source, then self-destructs. The bombardier has two states; closed state in which it is fired, and the open state in which it self destructs as a grenade.
  • Controler Throaxian- Nicknamed as the Control Bug, and are particularly infamous to the U.C.C. as they have been known to infect and control unlucky U.C.C. soldiers, and often tried to lead mutanies and revolts against superiors and cause in-fights amongst soldiers. But primarly they use their hosts to expose vital infomation and aim to use it against the U.C.C., in particular, the secret files of the higher-ups. This makes Controlers the only smart non-higher up Thoraxians.
  • Marcaluian Sand Beetles/Carrior Thoraxian- a low-ranking species, considered as Worker Bugs. Eight of them are used to carry a Brain Bug due to its large size. Prior to the War, it was believed that the Sand Beetle was a separate species and not of the Thoraxian race. High Schools often used dead beetles for dissection purposes. It was not until the Bug War that Sand Beetles were found amongst Thoraxian colonies. Teachers often state that this beetle is superior in many ways to humans because:
    • It reproduces in vast numbers
    • It has no ego
    • Has no fear
    • Doesn't know about death
    • Is a selfless member of society
  • Grey Matter Thoraxian- Iconicly nicknamed the Brain Bug. They're Thoraxians that served as a vital command and control role within their armies.They were highly intelligent and commanded entire colonies and directed their forces against enemy threats.  In contrast to the likes of the Soldier, the Brain Bug was physically almost completely defenseless apart from a high pitched screaming noise capable of bursting blood vessels in human heads at a short distance, They resemble large fleshy slug like creatures who were so fat that they were incapable of traveling completely by themselves and instead were carried by Carriors. These creatures best strentghs are intelligence and adept in a range of telepathic powers. These abilities allow the creature to control its colony as well as keep everything inside it working efficiently. Hence why it earned it names based on brains. The importance of this type of Bug amongst their hives meant that it is heavily defended with Warrior Bugs fighting to the last to protect it. In fact, if there is a direct danger to the Brain Bug, the Bug hordes will cease attacking until it manages to get away to safety. One of the more dangerous abilities of the Brain Bug is its capacity to steal the knowledge out of the minds of other beings. It accomplished this through the use of a sharp proboscis that protruded from its vulva-shaped mouth. This highly specialized mouth is designed to break through the skull of such being and penetrate into the brain itself. Once there, the Brain Bug begins to consume the preys brain matter and absorbs all of their memories as well as their knowledge. The process of this also enabled Brain bugs to use the human body temporarily to call for reinforcements on radio equipment before being disposed of. This provided the Bugs with a great deal of intelligence on their enemies as they were capable of learning vital secrets from their foes. As such, any human or sentient animal captured was at times brought before the Brain Bug for this form of interrogation. The process is often fatal as it leads to ineditable deaths, lobotamisation, or at the least worse they are left hopelessly retarded to the point that it would be considered mercifull of the Thoraxians to put him out of that person's misery.
  • Queen Thoraxian- The Queen is one of the leadership caste of the Thoraxians and plays a vital role within their hierarchy. Pretty much like any bug hive, it's pretty much thier mother in a sense. Similar to the Brain Bug, the Queen is quite intelligent and capable of using tactics such as hostage taking in order to protect itself from enemies. Due to its very important role within the Arachnid hives, it is typically very heavily guarded and in locations that are very heavily defended. A Queen is capable of laying up to seventy five eggs per hour with this amounting to one thousand eight hundred eggs per day. This meant that she was noted as being the master of the entirety of the Thoraxian race.
  • Thoraxian Gods- The ultimate caste member. They are nicknamed "God Bugs". This massive creature is deeply rooted into the planet it is deployed upon and possesses numerous appendages beneath the planet's surface which it uses to capture and kill prey. The fissures it creates are capable of engulfing beings anywhere on the planet, and the bug attacks prey unfortunate enough to fall into them. These highly valued creatures are capable of speaking through other organisms, using their corpses as gruesome puppets. God Bugs are capable of extending its head from the ground, and appears to share many qualities with the Brain Bug. Its large mouth contains numerous tentacles which allows it to absorb the memories of other organisms. It's not known whether there is only a single God Bug or multiple ones, but it is figured, and concerned, that this caste is not exactly endangered spieces material. Evience points that there's a Thoraxian God that lives and houses into Thoraxian owned planet, and would bring forth judgement day to any enemy that dares threatens the Thoraxian race. And they are not known to be forgiving to instigators, nor those that start a war for self-rightious reasons. It's been said that the Thoraxian Gods are the reason why the race is so wide-spread outside of their unknown United Universe of origin, and are even said to create new Thoraxians for queens to make.

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Fauna and Flora

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