When the Lougers and Heroes Act were celebrating a great victory of giving the AUU balence like the Original Universes, they discover that the reality altering stone brought more benifits then anpisipated. Thanks to Sue Wai having avoided the capture by Glowrod and Mind Warper, she was able to distribute her cure against darkness: a strain of non-fatal parasites called Moral Worms. It has been known to affect only those with evil or negitive tendingcies, attaches to the brain of the offender, and mentally disable them of doing evil and they are said to "Litterally" suck evil out of the host. Cause of it, many of the evils of the formerly existence VA and it's spin-offs that if they don't choose by themselves, are forced to be given the parasite. While the Lougers and HA thought of it to be, extreme, but considering the tragites caused by those extreme evils, well, they don't have great complaints to those extremes. Cause of this, the Dark Siders are weaker then ever. Kafar, Jling Sling, and Xandronian are left when the other members have been de-evilised by their own regret or cause of the moral worms. Glowrod in the altered reality was the first to be tested cause Sue cared for him as a friend, and his assusiates followed in altered events of their rise of evil. Cause of it, the spieces Gordon made extint are de-extint because Gordon never got mad at the Oxirond nerd that humiliated him, but instead became humbled and lost his racist attatude, Screehed Death never went to the dark path cause he and his father made amends before anything serious happened, cause of it, he ended up being Shamantha's master instead of mortal enemy, Tarold found a more legal way to save his company thanks to the Starbot series being used by Globex when Bloggie in the altered state came to it and offered to provide the AUU robotic forces to help aid in AUU order control, and cause of it, he never joined forces with Master Bross and Matrix, who both have eventally been arrested, Clifton's enemies were given altered fates that prevented their rise to evil, though Clifton still became the hero he is thanks to amirations to become one, many heroes and villains were given better alternate fates, while the heroes still happen cause of a need to help protact the universe from still existing evils, even Ogel who thanks to Ace's Father being able to save him before he was too damaged, never became an insane robo sadist that ended eventally ended up going on a murder path, Zealord was more reasonable thanks to his ansistery never hiring Eel-Skin's ansistery, therefor, allowing the tec to be shared sooner that prevented the VA from worsening along side the Moral worms, and alchourse, had Zosimo the Smart made the devices uncorruptable just to be safe, alchourse, Xena's sister was made the adviser instead and made a canadate for new ruler when Zealord plans to retire soon, The Skeetraziods never went on the warpath when their previous queen desided to stop being stubbern and prideful and accepted the Hynova's help, and was able to get a more peaceful end, The Cybarians still happen and exist, but without Inferius turning self-corrupt and wanting to be a terrorest, instead, he stayed on the good path, took over Globex from the corrupt CEOs which he all killed off, gave all invention acknowagement to the wronged inventers, and was able to save Globex sooner thanks to some pretty impressive ideas, and yes, he still went to trail for taking a controverseal move, but was sentenced not guilty thanks to the CEOs all being proven corrupt, Axxus is still Pirate Lord, but cause of Rarxter never being corrupted by the witch of which was chased off the planet, Rarxter never turned greed obcessed and chosen Axxus to be next in line after he retired to persue passions of being a cook, and alchourse, the AUU Grand Council and the governer of Krex was able to keep Foul Cheese from screwing up moons by getting Blue Cheese in charge of Urex instead cause of his heart condition, and overblown ambitions while he proceeded to join the Currenty troup instead and lost some part of his dissatisfaction with Pirates, Team Solarth were able to stop Overmaster Blekaconaoma instead of his betrayal plan from being able to happen, and the Para-Knights were never posicuted thanks to Sonarr exposing Buzz Ki Llier as a corrupt offitcal and Buzz's more benvolent oppentent took over Nygia, but the teams still exist and still are part of the HA ally troup, only included sooner thanks to their various controverseies/troubles never had formed, Donatello and Regia reformed before the reality was altered thanks to having known love, and alchourse, thanks to the VA being controled better, Don never had to resort to extremes, and thanks to the polluting company being stopped sooner by the Grand Council, Regia never lost her parents, and thus, there was no reason to hate Land creatures at all. Don and Regia have since married and gotten a better life as causing an allience between both their home worlds cause of their political backgrounds. And finally, Xerxes never became a xenophobic psyco thanks to Xandronian and Jling Sling having been exposed and fired from their jobs. This in terms, prevented Qui from being dragged into the VA, though events of the Legend of Spyro series drove them to put Cynder's egg in the hands of the Dragon Guardians while they escaped with their other eggs to live in Equestia, and Celisus and Narcotic were given better lives as part of the Equestian reforming monistairy staff, through their troubles still happened, albeit altered, they seen the light much sooner thanks to coming to Equestia, and the Qui Program was given an alternate fate as a Computer Program as a M.A.V.I.S. Virus aide program drone. Though evil will still find a way to rear it's ugly head again, at least the AUU has been balenced like the Original Uuniverse. However, this has earned negitive attention from the Guild of Thunder. Nega-Zeus dispises that the heroes have DARED to do this to Kafar and the villains of the Alternate Universe, and has planned to go there to cause trouble. However, before they could even go, they were interspeted by a group of "Anti-Guild of Thunder Group" that claims to be about protacting the louger's rights to maintain balence in both universes, and Nega-Zeus and the Other Guilders will be SURPRISED who they are. This new, potainional ally for the Lougers, refered themselves as The Troupe of Lightning.

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