Thunder Clap and his fellow Dactyls

Thunderclap (Bottom), with Downpour (Top Right) Coldfront (Center left) Frostbite (Top left) and Windgust (Center Right)

Thunderclap and his Dactyls were a gang of Exetremely carniverious Pterasaurs that are a group of nasty scavengers hailing from various species of pterosaur, all named after a storm aspect. They are the antagonists of the Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur.

The Dactyls.

  • Thunderclap: Thunderclap is the leader of the gang, a purple Nyctosaurus. While all of them work together for food, he asserts his position over the others when they fight over prey. According to his introduction to Arlo, Thunderclap used to be frightful of the world around him. This changed when he was caught in a storm which no longer made him afraid. Following this, Thunderclap had a "relevation", realizing that the storm saved his life, therefore he must follow it. The experience made him obsessed with the storm's power, turning him into a sadistic scavenger as he relied more on the animals caught in the storm, gleefully devouring them every time. While he may come across as affable towards dinosaurs at first, Thunderclap is unforgiving towards dinosaurs who help his prey escape, with no qualms towards harming them afterwards. Despite being in a group, he does not consider the other pterodactyls as his friends but rather fellow followers. He will not hesitate to fight them for any meal found. Any meal that manages to escape, he will pursue them relentlessly. However, he made the mistake of messing with the film's main hero Arlo and the caveboy spot, which not only lead to his "fellow followers" being defeated, but he ended up having his wing bitten and wth a hole in it, to his horror following the return of being afraid, and as he tries to fly away, Arlo throws a stick at him and Thunderclap is rendered flightless as he crashes into the river. In the Shell Louge Tales comic A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie, He was proven to still be alive and well, only now emotionally distrut with newfound remorse of his misdeeds and the fact he can't fly anymore. All that changes when Trixie heals the hole in his wing and in terms, restored his flight, pretty much getting the guy to declare his devotion to "The Magical One", meaning his devotion is based on who brings him great benifit, meaning he was only loyal to the storm cause it momentarly cured his fear (Though he still has admirations for storms in general) and in a sense, regained it when Trixie healed him, and has become dedicated to embrace her teachings, which in thanks to that, undountingly lead to his reformnation. He's still more or less a mental case and still not exactly safe to keep smaller creatures around, meaning that he was likely predatory and mentally unwell even BEFORE he became a storm worshipper, but it seemed to be at it's peak when the zealotry started, and has almost retreated back into it's shell from his defeat. His biggest issue was that he treated his fellow dactyls as fellow followers and nothing greater. Alchourse, Trixie, in needing to stop Junjie and Plankton from corrupting the Pixar Dino world, taught Thunderclap the meaning of friends. At first he mainly did it out of being a zealotical fanactic and not much else, but when his fellow dactyls admited that they saw Thunderclap as more of a friend then merely just a leader, it melted whatever malice his heart had left and made Thunderclap understood real friendship, and it lead to his devotion to Trixie to be more then "Professionalisum", but as a "Friend for life" to her. United with Icky and The Raptors, they invaded and brought down Plankton's Mind-Control Bucket Factory and defeated Junjie and his cronies, though almost at the cost of Trixie being fatally wounded by Junjie, though Thunderclap was quick to retailiate by impaling Junjie with his beak, mortally wounding the mad fox and left him weak enough to be taken away by Doctor Facilier and The Friends on the other side by orders of Mang, who take away Junjie, Plankton and the rest of cronies back to the Villain Leage HQ to be given due punishment. Thunderclap then went through a heart wrenching scene trying to get Trixie to fight back death and be strong. But with Trixie on the brink, the Great Spirits came and healed Trixie's wounds, all thanks to Woodbrush being capable to channel them here. Trixie being saved from death, Thunderclap has further devoted his life as friend and protactor, implying the situation also inspired him to protect the one who brought him so much enlightenment. His fate and that of his newfound friends lead them to become Lougers from here on out.
  • Downpour: Downpour is a Caulkicephalus. Her crest is curved inwards, unlike the crests of her comrades. She is the only female of the gang. Downpour lead a troubled life as an outcast to her fellow flock of her own kind. Being an orphan from her family slaughtered by Utahraptors, she was forced to become independent from such a young age. Downpour was considered the flock omega and was treated as such. While the hate wasn't malice filled, it was out of surviveal cause it requires them to reject the less likely to survive and persevre the strong. One day, Downpour fell victim of being left behind by her flock during an attack by the same Utahraptors that killed her family. She seemed destine to die as she cried as she felt the breath of the beastly raptors aiming to eat her, but then, Thunderclap came and saved her and dispite being outsized, heroicly beaten the Utahraptors and scared the creatures off! This earned Downpour's affections and loyalty as second in command of Thunderclap's team. She obeyed Thunderclap's beliefs without question, even the morally unsavery ones to the point she turned feral. However, apawn being defeated by Arlo, she and the others were left without Thunderclap. Downpour became determined to relocate him and make sure he's alive, and thanks to Trixie, she got that wish alright and much more.
  • Coldfront: Coldfront is a Ludodactylus. His gray crest curves upwards and is distinguished by his pink neck. He's the younger brother of Frostbite and abit of a naive half-wit. He was known to get the flock of his spieces into all sorts of trouble cause predators always tricked him into leading them into the flock's most impourent resting spots and nesting grounds. It lead to the point where the leaders had enough and kicked Coldfront out, as well as Frostbite for defending him. The brothers were discovered by Thunderclap and given a chance to be with him as members, with Coldfront for some strange reason getting the 3rd in command position, though it's likely because the more confident Coldfront suggested it to Thunderclap out of boosting his brother's moral. And it worked but it extremely mixed results. Coldfront considered Thunderclap a hero, again, out of being naive, and was blind to the violence they were commiting, though it doesn't stop him being afraid of Thunderclap's mental issues and anger. Even when he was morally waken up by the defeat from Arlo, he still sees Thunderclap as a hero, only when after he gets reunited with him, he would become a FAR greater hero.
  • Frostbite: Frostbite is a Ludodactylus and brother of Coldfront, however his crest is purple with sharper edges similar to a triangle. he's the fast-talking smooth and collective older brother of Coldfront. He's also a caring older sibling. Unfortunately, that lead him to defend his brother against the way too ticked off leaders of the flock and lead to his banishment along side him. Still he kept cool about it and considered that flock "A flock of critics" anyway. Being around his brother was more then enough for him. When Thunderclap found him, he suggested that his brother should be 3rd command and not him, cause he wanted to boost his bro's moral after being exsiled for making too many screw-ups. He unknowingly ended up exposing his bro to becoming feral, though it helped that even he ended up giving into it as well. When he was snapped back into reality by a defeat from Arlo, he realised his mistake and was just relived Coldfront made it out alive, though surprisingly had no resentment to Thunderclap, admiting that he himself wasn't exactly a very good role model either, though thankfully, with some thanks to Trixie, Thunderclap is diffenetly gonna be one for here on out.
  • Windgust: Windgust is a Guidraco. He has an ovular crest smaller than the others, but has the thickest beak and neck. Windgust was a natrol-born loner. The flock life didn't suited him and prefered to fend for himself. He preys on even the nasty limbed snake-sub spieces that inhapited the world he lived in. Nomad by heart, he never stayed in one location forever. However, his lifesytile changed ultamately thanks to how amazed he was when Thunderclap and the gang managed to beaten down a full-grown Triceritops! He saw them as a chance to become that tough as well and joined as the 5th member. The membership didn't changed much since he was already predatory in nature. When he was defeated by Arlo, he was the only one truey mad at Thunderclap for the failure, albeit mostly how he lost to a young green adapto, where even Thunderclap didn't do any better. But he cared for Thunderclap enough that he helped search for him anyway, if albeit for the sakes of Downpour who was heart-broken and because of Coldfront giving him a surprisingly inspirational speech that motivated him to at least get along with it. He's at first spectical that Thunderclap would ever change, but is he in for a Trixe created surprise. Windgust has a great friendship with Frostbite, his smoothness and fast-talkery complinmented his tough guy speaking and no-nonsense attatude.


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