Thunderia Weatherbird is an Alternate UUniversal Celestialbird from Planet Oepruse. She is the princess and the heiress of the legendary Weatherbirds of Oepruse behind her mother Weatheana who rid the world of a conqueror weather monster named Ström. She has the power to control the weather, especially that of Oepruse, which has unstable weather due to it's tidally locked orbit, humidity, and randomized temperatures and greenhouse effects. Though her carefree and feisty anti-princess personality makes her undeserving of her position, she understands the importance of her position, but prefers to have someone else take the position because she really doesn't want it. But this ends up getting her set up by a known thief, Madam Gludys, getting her exiled and the positon usurped by Gludys, who ends up selling out the planet to The Villain Legion who rewarded her with dark weather powers in return for safeguarding Siri. She eventually sets things right with help from the Clam Lounge Squadron, defeating Gludys, rescuing Siri, and becoming one of them. She is the AUU version of Thundra.


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