Rockhoof, upon his rescue, has returned to his home after hearing what it was like after so many years, only to find to his horror that it is a deadlocked land of war against his descendants in the Great Helm and the returning Thundering Doltson, appeared to have survived the collapse of the Titanrek and from encountering Gazelle, who has discovered something that made him quite nearly-unstoppable. He has gained a magic enchantment that makes him literally invulnerable, invincible, gave him Herculean strength, and has recruited an army of orc, troll, goblin, lizardmen and cyclopses, as he is out to take revenge for the loss of the Minos Stone and Minotaur magic since the death of his father. As Rockhoof escapes with his life and Doltson's forces are in the process of hunting him down, he asks the Mane Six and Lodgers for help. However, Doltson desides to seriously push it by freeing the prisoners of Tartarus in hopes that stopping the escapes would be deemed more impourent then going after Doltson. However, new help arrives from the onocentaur whose power Doltson stole to make him this way turned into a battlemage named Coal Seam, they may have a chance to stop Doltson once and for all.

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