Thundra, queen of the rainforest.

is a character from the Aladdin TV series. She is a romantic interest for Iago and as a rainbird, she controls the world's weather. at the start of spongebob and friends meet dinosaur, she thought Iago was kidnapped by the hyenas and others (unaware of Iago's histroy with Jafar) and attacked the shell louge squad. after some alone time, she learned that they are his friends, and has not yet reveled why the Hyenas kidnapped him. due to Thundera attacking the shell louge squad, and the trouble she caused in the episode "Fowl Weather" she can be classivived as a anti hero or anti heroine, for she had redeem herself in her other episodes she appeared in. it's currently not known when Iago will come clean about his former allience about Jafar, or even if Thundra was told by Iago or the other lougers by now off camera. Thundra joins Spongebob's Shell Louge Squad in what is mentioned above for the reason of Iago, although at first, she refused because she didn't wanted to combined business with pleasure, and she thought the villain leage was a myth. while she still beleaves in her polisy, she joins them, for, other then being more aware of the villain leage's exsitence, she now is beleaving that since it is Iago's place in the shell louge squad, it is her place as well. One of the most powerful members of the Shell Louge Squad, due to the medallion she wears grants her power over weather. she's like an over-reacting but good natured Aunt to the louge.
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