King Tidecaller

King Tidecaller is an Equestrian seapony and a former boyfriend of Queen Novo whom her daughter Princess Skystar still sees as a stepfather. Originally responsible for convincing Novo to have her father name her queen when he feared Queen Corono's rule would make the hippogriffs monstrous barbarians, this choice backfired when The Storm King left Novo too cowardly to fight back, resulting in their breakup. He later got attacked on his home island by The Typhoon King who killed his dead friend and left him to care for his son Rainbow Reef and be more protective on his two daughters Tidewater and Tidepool. The attack left his kingdom into hiding as he has sworn to protect his race and territory from the oppression brought on by before his eventual downfall, going through the same hardships as Novo, but with the exception far too diligent and aggressive for his own good as he still believes there's far worse threats than the Storm Clan out there. He is incredibly pessimistic and strict, and protects his kingdom at the sacrifice of other races since he no longer trusts the outside world for being too selfish, judgmental, and sacrificial.


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