Tiki the Pterodactyl

is a half-sentient Pteranodon that had been frozen in ice since the Cretaceous Period. But she was soon freed by an eagle scientist named Dr. Edgar, and had befriended the creature. Tiki is very attractive, and can easily be angered when threatened or teased. When she's angry, she will tear you apart like Wolverine. She can speak English, but is not very good at it seeing as she's a primitive animal.


Tiki 2

Tiki Frozen in Ice

Cretaceous Period

Tiki, her old name being Wanktos, was born in the late Cretaceous Period (Campanian Age, 76 million years ago). She lived and hunted with her family, but she only preferred fish. The other Pteranodons disliked her for her compassion for herbivores, and piscivorous diet. They teased her about it, and Tiki decided she's have to try some dead meat. While she did like it, she still didn't like killing. The Pterosaurs decided that she was fine the way she was. And so, Tiki lived a happy life. While she went by herself to eat a few fish, the others hunted small rodents and baby dinosaurs.

But then came the day Tiki's family feeded off of a T-Rex's eggs and babies. 5/12 eggs were eaten, and 3/5 of the baby T-Rexlings were eaten. Turns out that the nest they raided belonged to the murderous T-Rex killer named Bloodjaw. He was the most feared T-Rex of his time. He killed 12 Triceratops, 25 Velociraptors, 10 Ankylosaurs (Each having their clubs torn off), 55 Pterosaurs, 19 Sauroposeidons, and he's even a cannibal, killing 35 T-Rexes. Bloodjaw got revenge on Tiki's family by killing 35 of them. All that remained were Tiki and her parents. Bloodjaw chased them down, and was able to take Tiki's parents out of the sky, and eat them. Tiki was so mad that she tried to kill Bloodjaw. Yet even she was no match for Bloodjaw. They fought their way into a tundra where they were eventually frozen in ice. Bloodjaw and Tiki broke apart from each other's ice, and Bloodjaw was never seen again. Yet Tiki remained preserved in the glacier of the Prehistoric Arctic, which over time became how it is today.

Present Time

Years later, an agle scientist named Dr. Edgar found the frozen Pteronodon, and unfroze her. Tiki was confused at where she was, and soon found out that her kind had died out (exsect in worlds that still have Dinosaurs like the Nesting Grounds and the Great Valley). Tiki had fallen into sadness and had nothing to live for. Yet Dr. Edgar was compassionate enough to cheer her up. But Tiki misunderstood his act of kindness as a kind of romantic ritual, and she takes him to a rocky mountain. As the news spread, Tiki took Edgar to the mountains, and tried to show him how much she loved him, but Edgar desperately wanted to leave. As he tried, he couldn't bare the fact that Tiki was heartbroken, and decided to stay with her for the time being. During their time together, they got along very nicely, and bonded as friends. But once people try to kill Tiki, things will not go well.


Tiki is primitive and half-sentient. But even though she is not the brightest of sentients, she also has emotions. When she is happy, she flies up into the sky, and performs tricks like barrel rolls, canopy rolls, corkscrews, Kulbits, and aileron rolls, which marks one thing that proves her intillect. When she is sad, her cries are a loud and unbearable screech. When she is angry or agitated, her eyes turn red and ominous, and she becomes a feral killer using her talons to rip someone to shreds. She also flies very fast and has quick reflexes when she's angry. When she's scared, she easily retreats and hides into areas where no one can see her. She also has other intellectual characteristics that make her very unique.

While Tiki can be a fearful creature, she does have a caring heart. She would give anything to protect what she desires the most, even if it means killing. While she ordinarily eats the meat of anyone she kills because of her hunting instincts, she mostly prefers fish.

Tiki also has the personality of Toothless. Anyone can win her over by feeding her fish or playing with her as long as weaponry is not involved. Her favorite kind of fish is herring, and since she's an early creature, her immune system is capable of handling Pisces dimenschia without being affected. She flies very fast, and can outfly the most dangerous of aerial predators.


  • "Me love you!"
  • "Look at me! I'm flying!"
  • "Hey, Edgar? Me find fish. You want some? It's salmon!"
  • "That nice name. 'Tiki'. Matches my wings!"
  • "Hey! Where all dinosaurs? Where all Pteranodons?"
  • "Me like fish! They taste salty, and they have googley eyes!"
  • "I never felt so alive in my life, Edgar! Me like you!"
  • "Me wanna make out with you! We do it now!"
  • "Looky there! It grouper! It sea fish!"
  • "Tiki just lucky, I guess!"
  • "You think you so smart, smarty-pants?!?"
  • "No Pteranodons? Why?"
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