The Time Butterfly is a species of giant cosmic outerdimensional butterfly that is the personification of the butterfly effect and an essentual force to Amoral Ones who run dimensions as they help produce dimensions that are alternate timelines of another world. Their life cycle and anatomy are sparsely complex as they resemble a giant butterfly, but the base body contains the main timeline of a single base plain and the wings are elaborately colorful and resemble space as they contain building blocks for an alternate timeline, which are produced slowly and yet can be accelerated in many ways, the most efficient one being time travel. The two wings represent the good and bad sides of the timeline itself, the left being good while the right is bad, and should a universe be ready to be born, it waits for an event to take place for the egg to be fertilized and it judges the fate based on the events of the timeline, both good and bad outcomes being in the corresponding wing, and sometimes these events can merge. For those who don't make it, they become alternate dimensions. But when time is altered, the resulting grandfather paradox poisons the butterfly into an emergency metamorphosis where it wraps into a quantum cocoon that slowly wilts as the grandfather paradox continues it's neverending feedback loop, overheating the butterfly's body to critical levels as it traps the two created realities within it's wings and allows the dimensional inhabitants, which are like it's vital body systems, to fix the timeline before the cocoon gives out and the stress of holding the two realities causes it to die and cause rips in the space-time continuum from the timeline disintegrating with the butterfly. Though when the butterfly is cured, the alternate reality becomes a new dimension and the void is filled. It reproduces through this process, and it carries free-floating yet malleable and indestructible dimensional plains, specifically the ones they represent, across the web of quantum gates that are used to connect them like a web and govern time and space, and are accessed by dimensional inhabitants for interdimensional travel, as they can be stabilized this way, making the time butterflies eusocial. All Amoral Ones have a pet time butterfly to control this needed form of temporal and spatial balances, including the quantum web's head and king of all alternate timeline dimensions and their Amoral Ones, The Grand Alternator Elder.

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