Time Counciler

An exsample of a Time Counciler.

Time Councilors, often dubbed Plancks, are the direct creations of The Grand Alternator Elder that exist as care-takers and protectors of Time Butterflies and the adminsitraiting bosses of Time Lords and/or even Inrealm Time Gods. Time Councilers are assentually the more aggressively orderly variment to the Infinity Libarians and are absolutely strict about time travel in greatly understanding the dangerious effects of paradoxes. They are by all means very powerful in time powers and would be more then capable to take care of the timestream themselves, but because of how often time traveling events tend to happen in any part of the Multiverse that even the strongest of them can't be able to seek out every time violation, and time gods can only be so relieable for so long, so, in their bureocrated nature, they desided to adopt the idea of turning certain mortals into Time Lords and basicly serve as their enforcers of time, which lead to the advent of things like time police and even the Time Squad to enforce the past and future and all inbetween, to keep the main timeline safe from un-ideal or un-autherised changes, and to ensure that time is treated with upmost respect, all the while having time lords and/or other time-based creatures like time beetles and clock-spiders to deal with chrono glitches like time holes, time loops, Goundhog Day Scenarios, Time Being Frozen, Going Reverse, and a slew of others. The Most impourent of these jobs is preventing paradoxes, and occationally a future that violates the ideal of the Amoral Ones' grand designs, where depending how serious it is, the guilty party will be rendered a paradox and placed in The Paradoxic Realm, where paradoxxed verson of beings are made to live in, and copies are planted and re-written to have NEVER did the event to begin with, or if the crime was too severe, they'll be taken out of the timestream and all alternate timelines entirely, and any who were connected to them will be confinsgated of given revised origins so they would not be removed from existence cause of the absince of a certain figure that happened to be impourent to their existence. Time Councilers are neither malevolent or benvolent, they are strictly neutrol in nature, but it has been advised to not provoke them all the same.
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