A Timeisite

are Outer God parasites that are essentially creatures that feed on people and obsess over their taste by how strongly their alternate counterparts in infinite timelines interact. They look like faceless, weird bug/shrimp/scorpion things with oversized mandibles that have the ability to ghost through objects, be immune to time-altering effects, and even survive temporal damages. They can smell the prey they commonly choose from their taste, capable of smelling across timelines by detecting their aura coming from their counterparts. They reproduce by the frequency of soul growth in one's infinite selves and how they correspond in each timeline and each universe. They are then born from the soul of the death of that person, and thus feeds on its alternate counterparts, and only it's alternate counterparts, and mainly targets those who increase their interaction with their infinite selves, particularly when they use Schrödinger spells. These creatures are often considered the bane to Time Lords and Time Outer Gods because of what these parasites do.
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