The Timescape, A.K.A. The Innerverse of SAF Time Butterfly or that of general Time Butterflies, is how it is possible in a sense to access Alternate Timelines (And sometimes Divergents) from the Main Timeline as well as traditional time travel. It also includes things like the Time Lord Temples, The Astral Canyons, of which is the literal manifestation of the expression "Mark on History", and the white Time Voids and various forms of Limbo. This is the collection of timelines, the easy description of alternate universes with one major difference of having different realities and histories, some existing on their own, or as the result of time travel.

Alternate, Paradoxed, & Divergent Timelines

An Impourent rule about this paragrapth: Alternate Times are times still accessable in some way, Paradoxed Times are altered-out events and don't appear in the Time Butterflies, and Divergent Timelines are tiny little stubs on actual timelines and are no interactable save for the right circumstances being met.

The United Universes' Alternate Timelines.

  • Tree of Disharmony Timeline- The Timeline where the Tree of Harmony was corrupted into that of Disharmony and was spreading it's influence like mad, forcing Starswirl to invent a time travel scroll to prevent it. That scroll would become a source of chronological conflict ever since.
  • The Superior Extinction Timeline- The once intended main timeline where Superiors suffered a slow extinction of self-destruction because the conflict with Lord Kilopann Genocide lasted longer and was only finally killed with his once known weakness used against him, but this was undone by Corbin Paradox, primarily to save those he loved from the conflict by having it end early with an earlier "death" of Kilopann, which saved more than a personal benefit. By all intentions this should've been a paradoxed timeline, but because it was meant to be of the main timeline, it ended up transitioned into an Alternate because Corbin's change was more subtle than traditional time travel actions in that he didn't directly influence the change by basically charging after Kilopann, rather causing an incident that made Kilopann look like a victim of fate.
  • The Dark Scrooge Timeline- A Dark Timeline where the curse was never resolved because of Lord Copperfang's death. A crumbling dystopian future where a rebellion was finally taking down the Villain League's stranglehold.
  • Villain League Dystopia Timeline- A Dark Timeline where the Lougers never founded and lead to the birth of Villain League Rule. There's virtually no hope in this timeline.
  • Dark Dragon Scourge Horror Timeline- Another Dark Timeline about the Lougers never founding, but it was the Fang Empire/Dark Dragon Scourge that took over. The difference is that there is a glimmer of hope with a resistance movement lead by Sir Hiss of this timeline.
  • Team Nefarious Timeline- Another Dark Timeline where the Lougers never founded but Team Nefarious are the rulers. Fortunately, as proven from Path to Redemption, it wasn't going to last as Nefarious' typical adversaries, Ratchet and Clank, and others, were already hard at work taking it down.
  • Villains Act Timeline- The Timeline where the Lougers never founded and also the timeline where the VA took over the entire AUU and saw it's usurpation by Eagle-Beak exposing the truth to Qui and leading to the fall of the Secret Founders, among other dark things. This lead to the mass invasion of the OUU with aide from Amutt and his family. As shown from Path to Redemption, Qui's reign was showed ending when a revolt occurred and now the Universes are divided up to the once allied villain teams rule, becoming an epicenter of conflicts. However, Qui was revived by Eagle-Beak and Amutt, and with loyalist followers, Qui's forces aim to get back at the traitors for good.
  • Kairi's Death Timeline- The Timeline seen from Princess Salvation where following the events of KH3, Kairi had died to Xehanort and Sora turned up missing. This'd broken the Lougers' morale to that they became asshole anti-hero former shells of themselves, giving way to their fall of good graces, resulting to even Gazelle of this timeline to fuze with Zagelle. Tri-Corn placed hero groups under heavy restrictions in response, resulting to the rise of a near-hero civil war between backers and detractors, as well as major villain uprisings, even for VA remnants, even resulting in those remnants getting with the native villain teams and taken over them, Qui is on the run from both the VA and Eagle-Beak seeking her out again, as even the Dark Radicals moved operations to this universe to take advantage of the "Free Real Estate" to Follow. Thankfully, in thanks to the events of said episode, the Lougers of this timeline began to clean up their acts and resolved all problems, inducing a timeline on recovery.

(More to be added as they are being canonically revealed)

Paradoxed Timelines (OUU)

  1. Discord's Dilemma Timeline- The Paradoxed Timeline of Discord's Dilemma.
  2. Junjie's Revenge Timeline- The Paradoxed Timeline of the Junjie's Revenge Two-Parter.
  3. UNNECESSARY EVIL INITIATIVE OMEGA 2001 Timeline- The Paradoxed Timeline of Nefarious' Story from Almost Had Them.
  4. Qui/Amutt/Freddy Fried Khicken Timeline- The Paradoxed Timeline of Alektorophobia and Darkness Qui's Last Stand.
  5. The Corbin Timelines- The Timelines as the result of Corbin and General Grandfather Clock's actions.

(More to be added as canonicly revealed)

Divergent Timelines (OUU)

  1. Divergent Mech- The Divergent Timeline of Meching Out.
  2. Divergent Cryo- The Divergent Timeline of Here Comes the Cyrozoids.
  3. Divergent Sun Princess- A Twin Divergent of the events of The Biggest Conspiracy of The Sun Princess represented by The Truth Celestia Hid, but Qui is rendered mostly incompident in this timeline.
  4. Divergent Lombax- The Divergent Timeline of Finally Finding the Lombaxes.
  5. Divergent Vi-Tor- The extremely minor Divergent Timeline in that it's Viral Vi-tor Gets Real with a slightly better ending.
  6. Divergent Pitchleage- The Divergent Timeline where Pitch Black Joined the Villain League.
  7. Divergent Defunct- The Divergentised Original Main Timeline where Princess Salvation never happened and the original plans for the Great Cycle for Season 13 happened as intended. This holds both the New Cronitcles Two-Parter and The Brand New UUniverses. Also more or less shares the same events with Pitchleage.
  8. Divergent MLP Season 9- A Divergent Timeline where the Season 9 events happened on the fly and disrupted the intended narrative for the second part of Season 3, along with certain radical changes being accepted, cutting off planned plotlines too short before they got full use. It's also the timeline where Cozy Glow has been allowed to become RIDICULOUSLY evil as a prime example.
  9. Divergent Carol Failure- A Divergent Timeline where the MSM Draft of A Spongebob, Spyro, and Friends Christmas was kept, giving a radically different tale of the epic Christmas story.
  10. Divergent Pred- A Minor Divergent Timeline where The Day Pred Judu Des Retired never happened and the episodes he was meant to go through did not get lost-drafted.
  11. Divergent Big Bang- A Divergent Timeline where Superior Big Bang exists, where for an odd reason, General Grandfather Clock's friend is an evil over-glorified super-villain.
  12. Divergent Shadow Tree- A Tree Divergent Timeline Holding Different versions of The Re-Rise of Starswirl. Branch One holds Item-Swapped!, where Team Nefarious were able to get involved, another involves Revenge from the Shadows, an outright radical departure from what occurred. 
  13. Divergent Everest- A branch-off timeline that features overtly similar events to Scorpio having a climb Mount Everest Challenge. Into Sponge Air is one and The All Out Experience on Everest is another.

Mewni's Alternate Timelines.

  • Mewman Earth Contact Timeline- The Timeline where Mewmans made early contact to earth back in the time of the Salum Witch trials, thus a mewman princess was killed for "Being a Witch", resulting in Mewmans being in conflict with humans while Monsters never entered conflict with Mewmans cause they came to Earth instead, drastically effecting Marco's Earth History, and a different time of Mewni's troubles.
  • Monster Victory Timeline- The Timeline where Moon didn't use the nameless Spell on Toffee but instead only succeeded in blasting off the Antithaumite from him, but Toffee maintained regeneration and the Monsters didn't took Moon seriously, chasing her off to run like a coward. As such, The Monsters destroyed the castle and booted Mewmanity out of the reborned M'onstrarus into what could've been New M'onstrarus. This is Astra Cosmofly's native timeline, having been placed on a pod that was meant to send her to the Main Mewni Timeline, but a quantom glitch resulted in her ending up in the Main Timeline of the Alternate Universes instead.
  • The Bearded Princess Timeline- A timeline where Star was borned with a rare genetic condition that allowed her a beard, resulting in Asper deeming her an abomination and basically did to her what he did to Meteora: Another Baby Trade where Star of this timeline ended up a freakshow freak in a decrepted carnival known as "Circ De Bugdet'cut", a netourious hap-hazard of a carnival that normally in the Main Timeline Moon had closed down years ago, but cause of Star being there, was rendered to be the closest she had to a home, so it was left alone.
  • The Solarian Timeline- A timeline where Solaria the Monster-Carver never retired and never shut down the Solarian Program. Thus Solarian warriors evolved. Even Asper married Solaria and Eclipsa left with Globgor because of this. She was crystallized by her disappointed mother, and when Solaria died from a monster assassination, Mina ended up taking over things from there.
  • Demon Princess Timeline V1- A branch off of a timeline where Star is a demon of the underworld in the Mewni Peninsula. In this version, it got that way because Moon fell in love with Tom Lucitor's father instead of River.
  • Sugar Timeline- In technicality, also an alternate timeline of the Sugar Dimension, in which Mewmans colonized the place and essentially got assimilated into its physical laws, becoming candy people. In this timeline, Moon married a native being called King Creame instead of River, and thus Donut-Head Star was born. But the dimension is plagued by sugar-hungry insectoids known as the Sugsects. These ant-like creatures were very resilient, and their sugar-high binge makes them essentially too fast and too energetic to beat.
  • Mewberty Timeline- A Timeline that, while mostly the same as the main one, is vastly differed by one small but major detail: That Star is still stuck in the Mewberty Stage, simply because Marco wasn't able to take Glossaryck's Pudding Preference seriously. As a result, Asper ended up getting exiled as a traitor for trying to have Star killed as "A horrible Admerition to Mewmanity" and for the fact that it drove Mayor Sasha to go after Star to turn into a controlled benefit of Humanity, resulting in her wanting to go after the Magic Realms in this timeline.
  • Beach Star Timeline 228- Also being a shared timeline with this timeline's Beach Dimension, it's a timeline where Mewmanity has frequented the Beach Dimension and had oftenly wore swimsuit wear as a result of the extra suns and water in the dimension. This is actually apart of a rather extended branch of different versions of such timelines, some crazier than others.
  • Different Birth Timeline V3- A Branched Timeline of the timelines where Star was borned in random time periods and became a different age in the present. This one is a timeline where she's still a child because Moon and River simply delayed having a child at first until the need for an heir made them have one.
    • Different Birth Timeline V4- A timeline where Star was borned from the past as a result of everyone she knew being borned earlier into the past, thus she ended up not being able to meet Marco cause of not being borned yet and is now too old for him. Fortunately, it was a timeline of a Mewni in an early era of peace cause she was there to cut Asper's influence short, and incredibly lucky too, cause the Bestarians still were born as they were in any other timeline, which means the death of Toffee's parents never happened, meaning no Toffee, at least not as he was in the Main Timeline, and Asper had long been made a new resident in the Crystal Dimension by Rhombulus.
  • Princess Star Timeline- A timeline where Star never went to Earth, and instead went to being a better princess. But that's because Asper adapted to getting Star to be a responsible princess via mind-control, and mind-controlling her parents.
  • Rebel Star Timeline- A timeline where Asper was completely able to have Star thrown into St O's right at the starting gate as Star never went to earth. But it was also a timeline where Ludo was never born, so Buff Frog and Ludo's traditional minions broke Star out of the place, and turned her into their leader, where Star Butterfly was raised by Lubo's would've been minions and turned her into a Monster Army Queen.
  • The Pajama Timeline- In this timeline, the Mewmans inhabited the Nighttime Dimension and became more like fireflies and have glowing bodies. Star is no different. The ruling family was the Butterflies, but in this timeline they're Fireflies. Because of the comforting fantasy physics of the world, everyone lived in their PJs. Star, nicknamed 'Nightlight' by her boyfriend Marco, who accidentally got stuck here after a lobotomy accident on Earth, and went on great adventures with Star, is basically also a princess in this timeline, but since dream magic was ubiquitous, they didn't need a Royal Magic Wand. She was able to do magic from the second she was born. But now, Marco in his own Earth has died, but at the same time was reincarnated here. He returned home after obtaining his own dimensional scissors and admits what he was up to, to his parents and his baby sister.
  • The Emo Timeline- A timeline where Mewmanity resides in the Goth Dimension. The Star of this timeline comes from a period of a quarter-life crisis. The pressures of being princess and future queen of Mewni got her in a rut. Like in her crisis in "Mr. Candle Cares", she is depressed in what she wants to do in her future with a future like this. But unlike the main timeline, she had little people around to help her. She thus has her half-shaved head of purple hair, purple lipstick, skull cheek marks, black shirt with a purple skull on it, and striped arm sleeves and kneesocks. She's been like this for a very long time. She even ran away when she had a huge upset with her mother after a decision to be herself got her grounded and considered a candidate for St. O's. She has been in the Goth Dimension ever since.
  • The Unremovable Blood Moon Timeline- In an otherwise normal and standard timeline, Star and Marco are still under the Blood Moon curse, only this time it's an unremovable curse. It is however, also a timeline that mostly copies the main timeline, but events are more delayed and happen in different points then they truly did.
  • St. Olga's Timeline- In this timeline, Asper has successfully tossed Star into St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. She has been considered a menace as of late because of crazy rumors that she destroyed magic. Nobody believed it because magic changed the girl's life. In this timeline, she became the Princess Turdina and inspired a revolution. But her campaign even got Miss Heinous discovered as Meteora quicker than in the main timeline. Luckily St. Olga's Princesses had Rhombulus crystallize her.
  • Ponytails Timeline- In this timeline, Toffee went after Moon and River while Star was still a baby in while finding Seth's Xoldier EXTREMELY earlier than in actuality, forcing Moon and River to go into hiding while Star is placed under the care of the Bounce Lounge Owner. Eventually, apawn the current owner's slow decline to death, Star inhered the Bounce Lounge and became new owner. The Bounce Lounge was rebranded "The Butterfly Club"."
  • Makeup Timeline- In this timeline, Mewmans inhabited the Fab Dimension, a dimension where everything exists to look fabulous. Star is no different. She becomes overly detailed in makeup as a result. She now looked like a woobie. But to people like Marco of this timeline's Earth, it was pretty enough to get them a couple earlier than expected. Star was a lot more Valley-Girlish in this timeline.
  • Barbary Timeline- In this timeline, Moon ended up succeeding TOO well with the Nameless Spell and ended up straight-up killing Toffee in this time, which ended up aggravating the monsters to push even harder even inspite of losing Toffee! Thus, Mewmans lose the war, and got exiled STRAIGHT into the Barbary Dimension, a far Mid-Rim Dimension with limited magic-connection cause of the Barbary Dimension's ruling race, The Avinonzions, Terror-Bird-eqsed Anti-Magic Using birds that worship the Wipers, placed the entire Barbary Dimension under an anti-magic rune that limits magic to rookie to non-existent levels. Thus, the Mewmans shedded their civil life and became basically like River's family.
  • Woolia Timeline- In this timeline, Mewmans, instead of inhabiting M'onstraus, went to Woolia, the same home dimension as Star's friend Kelly. There the Mewmans were able to accommodate themselves into their ways and become Woolians themselves. Thus they became the dimension's prime royalty like in Mewni. Not much is different except their location and their form. The Butterfly family remained the same, including Star. She's the same Star she is in most counterparts, but her Woolian heritage gives her a rush for fighting anyone. Woolians are known for their instinct of combat to where punching is how they say hello, and their pain receptors are lessened to where they only feel major pain. Star is no different. Yet she too goes to Earth, meets Marco, forms a relationship with him, goes on adventures with Kelly, they unravel the story of Eclipsa and Globgor, but in this timeline, the incident that caused Star to destroy magic never happened because there was nothing to discriminate.

(More to be added as being canonically revealed).

Alternate UUniverses' Alternate Timelines

(To be Canonically introduced).

Paradoxed Timelines (AUU)

  1. Vaxie Timeline- A Paradoxed Timeline where cause of Mage Lyght leaving, Astra's Adoptive Vaxie Mother's mother was killed by a Cosmonaut with unrestrained curiosity and made her a much more aggressive hater of non-Vaxies. Though it's change onto it was more subtle, Lyght being given a vision that leaving was a bad idea, this timeline itself was a radical enough difference from the change that it was paradoxed out cause it would've allowed the Vaxies' Mothron enemy more an ability to do more harm.
  2. Occoypse Timelines- A Paradoxed set of Timelines where Astromamus Doomfare was messing up the timelines related to the timelines' namesake, Occoypse.

Divergent Timelines (AUU)

  1. Divergent Defounded- An extremely ludichrist Divergent Timeline where the plotline of Return of The Sectorial Founders is an actual event and cause of the actual existence of the De-Founder, UIS' existence is made ridiculously pointless.
  2. Divergent Teadr- Another abnormal Divergent Timeline where Teadr 1 Day exists, which like Divergent Defounded bares an evil that made the point of UIS stupidly moot.
  3. Divergent Cheese- A Divergent Timeline where Elder Lighthead had survived Alternate UUniversal Reconstruction, simply by because he never tried to cheapshot Samantha while she was defending him, ergo never prompting Hudson Turbo to get hurt in the process, allowing the existence of the lost drafted episode, Cheesey Revenge.
  4. Divergent Occult- A Major Divergent Timeline that holds all the alternate ideas for MSM's original idea for a New Chronicles Season to be all about a massive evil force referred to as the Occult Empire. Holds every Occult Episode, even a different version for "Dystopia in Zootopia".
  5. Divergent Ientasy- A Divergent Timeline where The New Ientasy Fantasy 4-Parter is still allowed existence, and within an over-complicated story arc for Cidhe.
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