Tina has always loved sweets, and Dandy has started aiding her in growing genetically-engineered hybrid crops. Though, when SpongeBob decides to take a visit on his own when Sandy is back for a family reunion while the Lougers deal with another typical themed super-villain on the rise and has proven tough enough that the Amazing 9 couldn't be able to handle alone, and upon discovering Tina's new hobby, and tasting her new peanut-acorn butter, she gets the idea to mass-produce it for a fortune. But upon excessive genetic manipulation, and the results having an effect on Texan wildlife, SpongeBob and Sandy warn her of the events of Sandy's Nutmare where she let mass-production become the near-death of her tree, and Sandy concludes that, given the experimental fertilizer needed to make all the new tasteful brands of her peanut-acorn butter, it's having an adverse effect on the life itself as they have become solely reliant on the fertilizer, or else they will die, and thus, Tina and the heroes must find a way to create an antidote that will restore the plants' independence for the fertilizer before Texas flora dies off for good. But a bigger problem comes back in the form of a returning Sansom, who seeks to steal the peanut-acorn butter formula for himself, while teaming up with the returning Hog Blank, and with the Lougers still caught up with the super-villain, can Sandy and Spongebob managed a troubling combination by themselves?


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Banjo-Kazooie - Rock Theme-0

Banjo-Kazooie - Rock Theme-0


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