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Lord Tirek is the main antagonist of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 4 finale "Twilight's Kingdom." He is a powerful demonic being with the ability to drain ponies' magic. He shares a lot of similarities with King Sombra and most Dark Spawn, argueability with Chernabog.


Tirek and his brother Scorpan tried to take over Equestria, but when Scorpan became friends with Starswirl the Bearded, he came to appreciate Equestria and tried to turn Tirek away from his quest. Tirek refused, so Scorpan warned Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, who were able to imprison Tirek in Tartarus (possibly by using the Elements). 

In Twilight's Kingdom, When Cerberus left his post at the gates of Tartarus in It's About Time, Tirek was able to escape. Sometime after he began absorbing unicorns' magic. Celestia received a vision of this and sent Discord after Tirek. However, Tirek was able to manipulate Discord into betraying his friendship with Fluttershy and joining his side. Tirek began eating energy from pegasi and earth ponies to take away their flight and strength. Finally he went after Celestia, Luna, and Cadance, but finding their magic to be gone he imprisoned them in Tartarus. Discord thought Tirek didn't value him as a partner so Tirek gave him a necklace, saying that it was his only keepsake from someone close to him. Then Tirek saw a stained glass window of Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Discord explained to him who this new princess was. He and Discord captured Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Spike, and Tirek ate their power before doing the same to Discord, saying that his necklace actually came from Scorpan, and that Discord is as worthless to Tirek as Scorpan was. Growing to tremendous size from the magic he absorbed, Tirek attacked Twilight, and when he destroyed her library, she became enraged and fought him in an epic battle. The two were evenly matched, though Twilight seemed to have a slight advantage, so Tirek revealed the other Mane 5, Spike, and Discord, imprisoned in orbs. Tirek told Twilight to give him her magic and that of the three Princesses, and she agreed, so Tirek released all except Discord. Twilight told Tirek to release him as well. He accepted and then ate Twilight's magic, increasing his size to massive proportions. To thank her for her kindness, Discord gave Twilight Scorpan's necklace, which was the final key to the Tree of Harmony box. Unlocking it, the Mane 6 received Rainbow Power, which they used to blast Tirek with a rainbow not unlike the one produced by the Elements of Harmony, leaving him imprisoned in a cage in Tartarus with no power while restoring Equestria and the ponies to the way they were.

In School Raze - Part 1, the Mane Six visit Tirek in his Tartarus prison and accuse him of stealing the magic of Equestria again. Tirek denies this but reveals that he conspired with Cozy Glow to drain Equestria of its magic in order to get his revenge on the ponies who defeated him. In Part 2, Tirek realizes the ponies being trapped in Tartarus means he would be trapped together with them for eternity, and he agrees to help them escape after Pinkie Pie drives him insane with her clownish antics. After Cozy Glow's plans are foiled, she is imprisoned in Tartarus for her crimes, and she tries to make friends with him.

Powers / Abilities

Tirek has manifested the following abilities so far: 

  • Magic Drain: In his first appearance Tirek is shown to be able to consume the magic of ponies, removing their cutie mark in the process - he seems to literally suck this magic into his mouth, like a more kid-friendly version of "soul stealing". A pony drained this way is completely stripped of all magic. Tirek adds the stolen magic to his own, increasing his size and power. The more magic he drains, the more powerful he becomes. After devouring enough unicorn magic, he becomes able to strip pegasi and earth ponies of their innate magic as well. At very high levels of power, he becomes able to strip even an alicorn or a draconequus of all magic. If Tirek drains the magic of every single pony in Equestria, he effectively becomes its God, able to single-handedly control all the aspects of the land that ponies normally regulate collectively.
  • Immense Strength: At high levels of power, Tirek displays an enormous degree of super strength. He is able to lift and throw boulders bigger than himself, and smash the ground to create a fearsome shockwave.
  • Demonic Magic: Tirek displays a degree of magical power consistent with the amout of magic he has consumed. At low levels of power, he is only able to fire a weak, paltry blast. After consuming enough magic he becomes almost unstoppable. He has displayed enormously powerful energy projection in the form of blasts and beams, the ability to create magical shields, high-level telekinesis, high-level magical entrapment, the ability to create portals, and more. His magic seems to be affiliated with fire. The way he casts spells is unique to him: instead of emitting magic directly from his horns, he instead forms a ball of infernal energy in the empty space between his two horns.

In the SAF series.

Tirek and Scorpan, while being born in a faraway kingdom on Equestria eons ago, were actually specially created Darkspawn by Chernabog and Architect meant to be a 'Plan C' when Mortuus was beaten and the Draconequui first betrayed the Darkspawn thanks to Tyranny, who he himself ended up being betrayed by his own kind going soft on him. Chernabog knew that one day, Tirek and Scorpan would go down the Darkspawn path and betray their own home and their parents (MLP comics). But they ended up taking too long with planning that eventually made Chernabog drop future attempts and ideas to return to Equestria. When they did show up years after their Darkspawn rise sometime after the First Cartoonian War, Scorpan turned out to be inferior creation through understanding friendship, betraying his brother, and got him sent to Tartarus while Scorpan would continue getting along with ponies and returning home. When Tirek failed again, it would seem likely he's gonna STAY there for good... That is, if a certain Kung Fu Master Fox doesn't ruin that.

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