(full name Ignacio Alonzo Julio Federico de Tito) is a chihuahua from Fagin's gang in Oliver & Company. He was voiced by Cheech Marin.



Tito is a wisecracking, proud chihuahua who seems to forget how small he is, and his fiery temper goads him into fights with anybody, even to take on dogs much larger than himself, perpetuating the stereotype that many small dogs, especially chihuahua, can be much fiercer than big dogs. He also considers himself something of a ladies' dog, flirting with the spoiled poodle Georgette.


Tito speaks with a thick American-Mexican accent (just like Cheech Marin).


Oliver & CompanyEdit

Tito is first shown entering the houseboat which the gang live on, proudly displaying a wallet - even though it is nothing but shredded leather. When Francis calls him out on this, he becomes quite agitated, challenging the larger dog.

When Oliver is discovered by the gang, Tito at first insists he's a spy, and says they should eat him, but when it is discovered that Oliver helped Dodger get his hot dogs, he mocks Dodger, suggesting that they watch the big bad kitty in action. Dodger starts a dog pile with him and the rest of the gang. Fagin and then Bill Sykes arrive.

When Roscoe and DeSoto, Sykes' Doberman Pinschers, are sniffing around the houseboat, Tito is angered by Roscoe and tries to attack him, held back gently by Einstein - fortunately for him, as the much larger dog would probably have torn him apart.

The next day, after singing "Streets of Gold" with the gang, Tito enters a fancy limousine, with Oliver as lookout, intending to steal the car's radio. When Oliver slips and falls onto the car keys, Tito is electrocuted and sent flying out of the car, making pinball noises as the car drives away. Dodger admonishes him for letting Oliver get caught, but Tito points out that it was hard to watch anything while he was being electrocuted.

The dogs go after Oliver, and track him to the house of his wealthy new owner Jenny, where Tito, along with Rita, points out that the place doesn't look too bad. However Tito is distracted by the pedigree poodle Georgette, and instantly begins to flirt with her, although she is clearly repulsed by him.

After Jenny is kidnapped by Sykes, with Georgette's persuasion Tito helps the gang activate a crane in Sykes' office, which they use to rescue her. He also drives Fagin's scooter on the Brooklyn Bridge.

In the finale, Tito is invited to stay with Georgette, who has become attracted to him. But when she dresses him up and tries to give him a bath, he rapidly changes his mind and returns to the gang. He is last seen singing to the reprise of "Why Should We Worry?", riding on the roof of an on-duty police car.


  • 'Oh, man, if this is torture, chain me to the wall!'
  • 'AYE, IT'S AN ALIEN!!!'
  • 'You insulted my pride! That means death!'
  • 'Hey, man, you're ugly, and you're uglier than him! And you're ugly, Part Three! Hey, you're Revenge Of The Ugly!'
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