Tixon P. Gyrgoll is an Alternate UUniversal Bougher from Planet Gaxtoon. In his young days, he started out as a pro-hoverboarder who won several races across the AUU, and one of the first young people to win championships. However, what ended his career is a life of crime as he later moved into a crime-ridden neighborhood where he was constantly in trouble with the police and his mother was a mechanical engineer for Globex Industries and was constantly harassed by criminals demanding protection money. Her business was going bankrupt, and Tixon, though his methods are unorthodox, are for a good cause, as he already searched for a proper job that offered enough payment to save his mother's business. He still takes space transit from world to world looking for opportunities. He had been in juvenile hall 5 times, and already his mother refuses to bail him out again, expecting Tixon to stop on his own. He still keeps his hoveboard which actually aided him in his many acts.


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His UIS Identity, Hoven Cruz, nicknamed Hover, is a creature called a Sxonk, a tailless fox creature that hunts in packs, and is noted for it's many coats. Hover has a large competitive streak especially since he stopped an evil plot in the Road-Battal System, carrying a more state-of-the-art hoverboard and packing some tricks when it comes to defeating people via fight or competition.

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