With Grinchgrog no longer around as of The Undoing of Grinchgrog, the Mimic Cult is still around, given that their desent into evil was independent of Grinchgrog's influence and there for, effected their existence not, Algor still has to keep a ever close eye on Ororo. There had also been concerns that the Mimic Cult's power will start to attact the villain teams, espeically ones of true concern, like the Thunder Guild, The Griffins of Light, and the Nu Organisation run by Sanmex. This made Algor consider that something needs to be done for good. Grouth offered that the one cult member not as "Extreme" as the other members, Mimicrier, could be the key to eliminate the cult as a threat WITHOUT eliminating them as living beings. It turns out, in his belief, just because he doesn't appove of his kind of superior being mistreated, that doesn't mean the cult should follow the path of hypocrites and do the exact same shit to other superiors. He offered that the cult should deicated themselves to only educate the people of Kratos that Mimicry can be good if done correctly, but trouble is, though even Copyrightious acknowledges it, he is turned down cause the rest of cult believes stubburnly or paraniodingly, or too broken by their personal history that they think that other superiors will never impove and that only conquest of Kratos will be the Mimics true salvation. This could be what Algor needs to finally make great amends to Mimic superiors for all his mistakes and years of discrimination against them. While Ororo is cautious about this, worried that Copyrightious may be "too far gone" to be helped, and Wade and his, trust issues, and her friends are neutrolly split, being both careful but optimistic about the situation. However, there is a new issue. Wraith. Wraith is actselly one of the old bullies of a cult leader named Copyrat, and hates the idea of Algor trying to give "Inferiors" another chance, and wants to destroy the cult while they are exposed into the open. However, luckly, Ororo and friends figured Wraith wouldn't stay down for good, and for a safety measure, had invited the Lougers to make sure he does nothing to make sure the cult stay on the wrong path. But would it be enough? Why is Wraith suddenly back?

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