Ribe Curse's former general from the Chimerum Rebellion has come to arrest him for misusing his training to become a Bounty Hunter, due to the Consortium's "questionable history" with the VA of old. Ribe makes the mistake of trying to defend himself and gets added assult in his rapsheet. The rest of the Consortium are made forbidden to interfear or risk getting arrested themselves. He was tattled on by his old bullies, lead by Canlaor Jalm to ruin Ribe's life, just as how he ruined theirs. However, the creeps did NOT count on Ribe getting "Harvy Wadder" to defend him. While Crane as Harvy defends Ribe's case, the lougers and Heroes Act seek out the punks for attempting to trick the system against someone for payback and MAKE THEM see justice. Can our heroes capture the bullies in time? Well, Fu-Xi is gonna see to it that the bullies are made to pay for it BIG TIME!

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