One of the Friendship School's most tragity stricken students, Worse Luck, A Zebra-Horse Crossbreed, who never had never known his parents when he was a baby, was reported missing around the time Buzzord was able to unvail a now stolen surprise he wanted to show to the shcool of something he found while he was testing his inter-dimentional pcoket watch. But then, Worse Luck was found at a spontantiously appearing beautiful mansion, filled with his most desired dreams, and being around the parents he always wanted enjoying a great love, and the group noticed a particular bling he has, of which Buzzord said it was the surprise he wanted to show. But a very horrorfived Starswirl quickly reckitnesed the new bling as The X-Infinity Neckbrace, an object with the unimaginable powers of changing the Multiverse extremely greatly just by thinking about it. Starswirl warns that the Neckbrace will only bring Luck nothing but woe in the longterm, for he warns that it's power will become a magnet to may forces that want to get ahold of it's power, from villains, to even the Outer Gods that long desire to obtain the Neckbrace. However, Worse Luck refuses to give up the Neckbrace for the good it did him, which helps little that Luck's dream parents are assentually manistations of the Neckbrace keeping him addicted to it's power as it has choosen Luck as it's new barer, causing Luck to get unreasonably angry and tried to use the powers against the group, only to be interupted by the spontantious arrival of all three villain teams rampaging Equestria to go after Worse Luck, along with a parade of indie villains froma cross the United Universes, even an invadtion of AUU villains and villainy from across the Multiverse! With it only being a matter of time before the Outer Gods get involved, it's up to the Lougers and Deadpool, due to him pointing out that Worse Luck is at risk of becoming a New Age Thanos, to get Worse Luck to give up the Neckbrace and end this multiverseal chaos.

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