The heroes discover reports of missing individuals all over the UUniverses, including some of which they know such as the Vulture Cops of the Timon and Pumbaa franchise, Fred Meerkat, King Julian, Cosmo, and many others. The one thing they have in common: They're idiots who have harmed on purpose or accidentally. After tracking down clues, they discover that this is apparently centered on a world known as Dementia, which is under mandatory quarantine from a powerful fascist government called the Department Of Order and Fool-Usurpation Society, run by anti-idiot fascist meerkat named Stu Peder, who used to live on Dementia until the utter idiotic society of anti-intellectualism origin cost him his entire perfect life, destroying it out of false arrest and accusations, nonsensical reasons, and flat-out rude and offensive stereotypes that made him loathe it as a world on it's own, vowing to destroy all idiots at any cost, and have been recruiting people who have been equally-wronged by idiots and seek to have them wiped off the face of the UUniverses, doing anything to destroy them, even turning people like Squidward and Brandy against them and having the idiot Lodgers placed under arrest and set for execution, while he plans to have his own homeworld destroyed for 'the crime of idiocy' before moving onto other worlds and purging them of it's idiot population. As understandable as Stu's reasons for his logic was, his inferior-intelligence-acide is not acceptable, and has to be halted.


Stu Berates First Captured Simpletons.

  • Stu: "These guys are being prosecuted for the crime of idiocy. Cosmo is responsible for screwing up missions, and even stupidly exposed himself to a public human area once.
  • Cosmo: Oh, sure, judge me for doing that in my final moments with Crocker! But to be fair, it was part of a time loop that made him know about fairies in the first place.
  • Stu: Too bad! Your stupidity impulse is a ticking time bomb! Fred is an idiot who did countless acts of stupidity that affected Mister Timon. And if I recall, he ended up leading the three hyenas to his colony to were they found Timon!
  • Fred:... I did that?
  • Stu: MY POINT EXACTLY! King Julian, has done selfish and life-threatening things.
  • Julian: HEY! That's no way to talk to the King!
  • Stu: Idiots shouldn't be kings, just FYI! Your ego also plays to your idiocy. You make too many holidays dedicated to you. You make harsh laws, much harsher than those of ancient past. Must I go on?
  • Julian: SAY THAT TO MY FACE!)
  • Stu: (He went up to his face)... MUST, I, GO, ON?!?
  • Julian:... Yipe!
  • Stu:... Thought so! And these two? (Points to the two Vulture Cops) THESE, are the ones that piss me off the most! If their charges are correct, they arrested someone for something as silly as a stick, and took it to VERY INTOLERABLE LEVELS! I don't care what excuse they have, that is false arrest, and trumped-up charges, and they must be punished! I'm sure Timon himself would be happy I'm doing this for him.
  • Vulture Cop #1: Oh, sure!
  • Vulture Cop #2: Arrest us for doing our job!
  • Vulture Cop #1: And FYI, that stick was not just ANY stick!
  • Vulture Cop #2: It was the staff of royalty! King Jumbo II, specifically!
  • Vulture Cop #1: Aggressive elephant shrew! Very specific about the law of touching it.
  • Vulture Cop #2: Very protective.
  • Vulture Cop #1: Using the bathroom before the perpetrator touched it.
  • Stu: Again, no excuses! And another thing? You NEVER mentioned the reason! All you were doing was giving s*** and not explaining yourself. And bad things happen when you don't explain yourself! That's true idiocy on my part.
  • Vulture Cop #1: In all fairness, a lot of educated animals recognize the royal stick of King Jumbo II.
  • Vulture Cop #2: It isn't in our job description to mommy the uneducated of that royal stick!
  • Stu: Oh, go ahead and hide beyond your job excuse all you want! I know idiots when I see them!
  • Both Vulture Cops: We have college degrees in Jungle Law School of Kenya University!
  • Vulture Cop #1: Keep telling yourself that!
  • Vulture Cop #2: You're making an ass of yourself!
  • Vulture Cop #1: And we mean ass in both ways.
  • Vulture Cop #2: As in you're sticking yourself into the ass of an ass!
  • Vulture Cop #1: Don't push it!

Stu Confronts Patrick

  • Stu: "Let me ask you, Patrick, are you REALLY stupid?"
  • Patrick: What're you talking about?
  • Stu: I'm talking about this! (He showed him footage of him, Patrick: "SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up, keep you on your toes.")... So, again I ask, are you stupid, or are you purposefully hurting others blindly?
  • Patrick: "Hey, contrary to what Mr. Enter and any other critic said, I didn't mean it like THAT! I meant it by that my stupidity has more dimensions than just "Duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh" Stupidity! If I was only Duuuuh stupid, then I would've been a generic Token character! Sometimes I can be oblivious stupid!
  • Stu: "Not wanting to come off as a classic generic idiot is NO EXCUSE, to the lives you ruined and the people you torment, even if you didn't realize it! Or maybe you're worse than stupid! You suffer from a secret evil doppelganger side that makes you unconsciously torment people!"

Stu Goes Mental.

  • Stu: "Some of you HATE tolerating stupidity. Brandy Harrington? You were thrown into the Amazon by an idiot, you had your identity stolen without permission, you were nearly threatened and destroyed by idiocy, and you had your privacy violated by stubbornness in it's most idiotic. Squidward? You were beaten down by the world. You were threatened to be killed by others at a large size if you didn't treat them well, to the point where they EXPECTED YOU TO SAY 'BLESS YOU' TO A SNEEZE!!! You live with people who don't even recognize your existence because of a stupid puppet. Your neighbors are blindly destructive to your life. You live with more morons than them. You are punished with starvation for your arguably-justified questions and rude reactions. You are abused. You are maimed. You are punished legally by harsh circumstance. You never get ANY respect for what you do. Think about it. An entire society of competence, united against a common self-destructive enemy! We'll be unstoppable!"
  • Squidward: "....... As much as an idiot free universe would be ideal, I don't consider you the messiah you paint yourself as!"
  • Stu: Well I figured you would see it my wa- WAIT WHAT?!
  • Squidward: "Look, I have no love for cultureless buffoons as much as you clearly do, and I do like the idea of a force going around to stop stupidity at it's core, in THEORY! But the fact of the matter is, you did something worse than what even the worse idiot can do! You decided that murder and genocide of a sub-culture, EVEN IF IT'S A HARMFUL ONE, is a right and just thing, because of YOUR own personal woes! You may be a smart guy, BUT a REAL genius should rise above TRULY-STUPID DECISIONS, like what YOU'RE doing now!! Being stupid is MORE complex than classic stupidity. Sometimes, it can also refer to people who think they are doing good, by being bad. And that, my good sir, is the WORSE, kind of stupid there is! And as much as I can't STAND stupidity myself, I am smart enough to realize that the moral decision is to take your business elsewhere."
  • Brandy: "'Y'cha, and that's exactly what you SHOULD'VE DONE instead! If you didn't like the neighborhood, THEN LEAVE! You didn't HAVE to live in it! You're the one who let their stupidity hurt you! It was your own fault! And you know what? Your choices, shows that you are no better than an entire planet of idiots! I may feel bad for you, but that doesn't mean I am gonna dump my morals like last year's fashion and became a fascist like you! And P.S.: This has the potential to easily end up being the next COMMUNISM!! It starts OUT with good intentions, but thing is, you're not gonna be the leader forever. Eventually, you're gonna die, whether by old age, by an idiot, or for your acts of murder! And unless you thought ahead and made plans to have an heir, someone WORSE than you and with a very different idea of stupid will take over, and deem anything not a prodigal Albert Einstein the next things for D.O.O.F.U.S. to destroy! So, you're not just a threat to classic idiots or even to those that're Patrick and Whiskers' levels of stupid, but anyone of average intelligence will be sought out by a hyper-intelligent modern day Stalin to your little stupidism thing! So basically, you're not a saint. You're just a precursor for someone worse to make this group even MORE awful! And history will be as kind to you as they would be to the original founders of communism! I meant as in, hardly at all! YOU, will be blamed, for causing a thing that sparked needless deaths, wars and divisions, because you couldn't handle a few dumb-dumbs! Whiskers and Patrick MAY be stupid, and do stupid, sometimes if at most, harmful things, but it does NOT excuse your actions. I don't CARE what you say. Whiskers is still a friend to me."
  • Stu: Says the person who did THIS! (He showed her footage, Brandy: No, I was gonna say "Whiskers, don't go"... UNTIL YOU GIMME BACK MY SUNGLASSES! But NOW I'm thinking I may just want my old Whiskers back!)... If those other heads HADN'T insulted you, even if he admitted he did harmful things to make you happy, you were willingly going to let him be gone forever! You are an anti-idiot through and through!
  • Brandy:... Figures that would bite me in the ass! I only said that because it was back before I joined the Lougers! I often ended up saying ALOT of hurtful things until I take them back! I've grown since then. Reguardless of everything, I consider Wiskers a real friend. Because if he's as bad as your trying to suggest, he wouldn't even've TRIED to give himself a second head to make me feel better, nor would he be capable of having moments when he DOES realise he messed up epicly. I may not call Wiskers smart, but compaired to the entirity of Dimentia's population, he is still an actual person! We're not ALL geniuses! Heck, I, FLUNKED OBEDIENCE SCHOOL?! And Squidward is considerably mediocer at music and art dispite being his passions, (To Squidward) No offence, (Back to Stu Peder), Kolwalski is a genius yet ends up making dangerious inventions, Dr. Cockaroach is limited by insanity and garbage that calling him a genius is currently debatable, the list goes on and on! My point, being smart, or being capable to do smart things, doesn't imply perfection or good morals! Heck, you can be the throeitcal smartest guy in the universe, yet you're held back by being clumsy and/or klutsy, or things commenly known to classic idiots! Geniuses, are just as likely to make bad choices and decidions as idiots do! And even then, stupidity is mainly a suggestive term! People can actselly be smart in their own ways, even if it's limited to certain things. Now, there's no denying it, Dimentia is a mess, and it DOES need to be addressed! But not, through destroying it! A better solution would be to take down it's stupidatarian goverment, WHICH IS NOT THAT HARD, MIND YOU, JUST BRIBE THEM WITH FAST FOOD, JUNK FOOD, OR BUTT PHOTOS AND THE SEAT OF POWER'S ALL YOURS?! You may be unigte in Dimentia that you're more aware on how broken their socity is, but that doesn't mean you're that smart. You still have Dimentia blood in you in that you think killing stupid people is a good thing! You are no less harmful to people, then classic idiots! I REFUSE to side with a bastard who wants to kill all idiots and open the door for another fascist who is a hyper-intelligent being out to kill all average intelligence as a sign of supremacy.
  • Stu: ... I... I thought you two, of all people, would sympathise with me!
  • Brandy: Sympathy is stretching it at this point. We empathize with you at best, but that's about it. Believe me, Whiskers has did alot hurtful things to me, but that doesn't make me want to wipe stupidity off the map in ways outside of mass education. But regardless, so did I to him. It's an eye-for-an-eye thing that never ends, it rinses and repeats. Heck, his fricking BRAIN framed me for petty theft because I was so mean! But senseless stupidity is no better then classic stupidity. And that's you. You're being senselessly stupid! We get where you're coming from, but hurting people, even if they're like Patrick or Whiskers, does not make you a superior person. You may think you're the hero of your own story, but universally... You're just another douchebag, giving everyone a hard time, because you yourself, WERE ACTUALLY STUPID ENOUGH TO STAY IN A WORLD THAT CLEARLY DOESN'T GIVE TWO F***S ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS!! You could've just, MOVED, from that world and start a new life! Was it THAT hard for you to realize that? Tcch. Some genius you are!
  • Squidward: "If being declared an idiot by you people means that we Lodgers are the heroes all people need and not the kind you can control, then, some part of me will hate me for this, but..."
  • Squidward/Brandy and the other intelligent Lodgers: "(All placed their hands under their armpits and made fart sounds) HA-YUCK, HA-YUCK, WE'RE IDIOTS!! DUUUH, WE'RE STUPID?! DOOOOOYY, WE'RE DUMB!!"
  • Stu: (Stu stared with uncontrollable rage) AND JUST WHEN I AM NOT HURT ENOUGH AS IT IS!!!! GUUAAAAAAAAARDS!!!!"


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