Arch Tower

Arch Tower, Kingsland

Top Dollar City is a city on the distant world of Accord which is considered the richest city in the UUniverses. It's a city where economy rules over everything else, where business can go crazy, where money can be made by the thousands, and where everything can be at a cheap price. Every known business can be found in Top Dollar City, and the city is so rich, it can afford the most expensive architecture, technology, and merchandise. Holidays are known to be over-the-top here, and businesses here are extremely common. It's a busy city similar to New York, only it is much bigger, has a larger population, and it has much more national monuments. A majority of them are oddly enough dollar-based. Swanluna was once a member of the city's govermental system.

PTE Redux Conditions: This city will be relocated to the PTE version of Businecaden (renamed Businesa Prime).


Top Dollar City Map

Top Dollar City Map

Top Dollar City was founded by a UUniversal human pioneer named Karr during the UUniversal Crusades, who had wished to have a land of his own that was free from the pressures of economy. Thus, he built Top Dollar City to have an economy that was among the easiest to operate. He was known in life to enjoy being rich, and was previously an economic tradesman for his homeworld. But he retired to achieve his lifelong dream of creating an easy economic city. One with perfect payments, perfect law, perfect power, and total perfection. He was the ruler of this city for a full century until his death, leaving his city in the current leadership of his son, Kladd. The city was established in 2008, and finished in 2010. To this day, the city still exists to be a place where people can make perfect lives.


TDC is half-parliamentary democracy and half-capitalist. The people vote for the President, and the Parliament analyzes the votes. The city is currently ruled by Kladd, and the president has limited control of the city. The city, being part-capitalist, has trade and political systems being controlled by private owners for profit. Yet the government has a massive economic agency to balance this out, so capitalists control trade and politics, and the economic agency controls the profits it makes, converting it into a fair and complex currency system. The President and Parliament have control over the city as well as limited control of the capitalist society. The capitalist society owns all businesses in the city except for certain ones like real estate, electrical appliances, the police, or the firefighters.

The economic agency, called the Top Dollar Banking Agency (TDBA), not only controls capitalist profits, but it also established the city's money-conversion system where all forms of currency in the UUniverses would be measured in a balanced and fair way so it can count as true currency in the city. They have even played a part in establishing the UUniverses' money-conversion system with the High Council. The TDBA helps businesses get high-payments, and they are also in charge of evaluating, controlling, and balancing budgets in the businesses. The TDBA is what controls real estate, electrical appliances, the police, and the firefighters, though they have limited control of it. With how rich this city is, as well as how rich the people here are, there are rarely any foreclosures of property here, especially since how everything in TDC is at a cheap price. The only time anyone would lose anything is when a crime is committed, which is rare because of the nobility having a sense of 'being better than that'.


Top Dollar City's businesses are mostly controlled by the Top Dollar Capitalism Society (TDCS), and all their owners are associates of the TDCS's leader, a half-alien named Master Ucan. The city has not only commonly-known restaurants, technological businesses, shopping malls, and so on, but it also has it's own businesses. Prime examples of Top Dollar Businesses are:

  • TD Metro- The city's main underground subway systems are it's main transportation systems. The Maglev Trains surround the entire city in a complete circle, and they can make detours through certain city streets. The trains can even be seen on the city's bridge entrance.
  • TD Postal Services- The city's main trade route and mail delivery system. This company makes trade routes of certain goods, valuables and resources all over the UUniverses through spacefaring freighters that travel to TD Post Offices on other worlds.
  • TD Radio Commission- The city's main source of cable and radio services. It helps keep television, radio transmissions, and the city's prime holophone services running.
  • TD Medical Hospitals- The city's main source of medical services. The TDCS has limited control of the hospitals of TDC, with full control being granted by the TDBA since medical care cost money, and profits need to be handled. The medical technology here is at high-grade advancements.
  • TD Internal Revenue Service- This is TDC's version of the IRS. They help regulate taxes for both the TDCS and the TDBA. The TDCS has limited control over this company, and full rights belong to the TDBA.
  • TD Electrical Service- The city's main services for the city's electric power. All buildings in Top Dollar are not powered by electric wire poles, but instead are powered by internal power generators that were easily affordable by the city's riches. This company regulates and fixes these generators.
  • Mega-Sci Corp- This business has it's reach on the world this city is on, and this city is known for marketing it's many products. As a result, this city is semi-technological and it's become popular on all corners of the city.

Locations and Monuments

Top Dollar City is divided in over 4 boroughs just like the 5 in New York City. The boroughs are called Kingsland, Brooks, Kashmir, and Prospection. And like New York, each of these boroughs are coextensive with a respective county. The entire city is built over a massive complex of islands and rivers and have an underground tunnel system for TD Metro. The city is accessible though two interstate roads on both Kingsland and Prospection. Large monuments can be found here, and most of them are dollar-based.


  • China-Lane
  • Jotun Heights
  • Leonewood
  • Crockett Point
  • Scorelliwood
  • Porter Town
  • Sable Place
  • Collateral Park
  • Kingsland Beach
  • Perry River
  • Light Square
  • Carter Bridge
  • TD Metro Central Station
  • Maximus Building
  • Cheryl Building
  • Arch Tower
  • TD Radio Commission Tower
  • Top-Dollar Highlight Amusements (Indoors)
  • TD Daily Galaxy Tower
  • TD Mega-Sci Corp HQ
  • Silver Karr Statue
  • The Giant Coin


  • Amity Hill
  • Amity Town
  • De Trax
  • Brooks Point
  • Harper Corner
  • Filmore
  • De Trax Tar Pits
  • Lake Spuyten
  • Brooks Bridge
  • Brooks Garden
  • Prism Island (Funfair)
  • Brooks Zoo
  • TD IRS Headquarters
  • TD Metro Station
  • Schroeder Building
  • Hegemon Building
  • Museum of Top-Dollar History
  • Bronze Karr Statue
  • Top Dollar City Hill Sign
  • Karr's Space Cruiser


  • Wichita Point
  • Tanner Heights
  • Midtown Kashmir
  • Burners Grove
  • Pepperway
  • Golden Park
  • Blue Metro Tunnel
  • Kashmir Bridge
  • Lincoln Bridge
  • Giant Fountain
  • TD City Hall
  • Top-Dollar Max Stadium
  • Top-Dollar Airport
  • Top-Dollar Police Department HQ
  • Tanner Building
  • Zember Building
  • Gold Karr Statue
  • Uniglobe
  • Karr's Clock Tower


  • Firmwood
  • Pogue Grove
  • Prospect Corner
  • Goldenrod Town
  • Karr Point
  • Carter Heights
  • Carter Dam
  • Nickel Park
  • Aurora Falls
  • Lake Minerva
  • Central Times Circle
  • TD Metro Station
  • TD Postal Services HQ
  • TD Electrical Services HQ
  • Kenji Building
  • Ciardha Building
  • Building of Fountains
  • Statue of Wealth
  • Prospect Tower
  • Coin Eagle Statue
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