Topolowsky is an Alternate UUniversal Tamma-Gladiozont hybrid from Planet Chronicus. Topolowsky is a monstrous animentient (sentient being-animal hybrid) from a dirt poor family of zoophilia that lived in a kingdom with not exactly the greatest view on hybrids, including animentients. Topolowsky's family, attempting to fix their discrimination, had tried to kill the current ruling family to achieve a hybrid-ruled world, but a powerful knight exposed their conspiracy and got Topolowsky's family ostracized. Topolowsky since swore revenge and aimed to do so by taking advantage of a society growing too overly-sympathetic to hybrids and the fact that the knight kept a stubborn unforgiving stance, believing that no good ever comes from hybrids and that they're always gonna be universally bad news. After apparently killing the knight's friend when said knight couldn't be found, Topolowsky went to spread lies about how hybrids are the rightful rulers of his land, he continues this plan even though the family, including the modern ruling descendant Siri and the knight's son Kofern seek to fix this.


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