A Toyland has appeared in Equestia and has hypnotised all of the children of Equestia and other nations to come to it. This is the work of a storm clanner child, The Happiness Prince, The Storm King's very young little brother and perhaps the least corrupted or deluded of any of the storm clan. The Prince is powered by the happiness of others and created the toyland to get that power, to not only feel the happiness he never got from the storm clan, but to make a new nation with the children of Equestia and beyond to make the world a better place as an act of redemption for what the clan has done. As much as the Prince himself isn't trying to be a problem, he ended up trusting very bad enfluences that could risk making him more like the clan, and they are the returning Cornelious Nerf and his stooges, Auto Otto and Cheap Creep, who want to use him to create a new toyworld out of Equestia to get revenge on the old Toyworld. Now the heroes need to stop these three bad toys from ruining what could potaintionally be the only hope for a bright future of the clan in a new generation.

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