Tracy Coelies

Tracy Paige Coelies

Tracy P. Coelies is a Coelophysis bauri from the prehistoric underground utopia of Zootopia known as Dinosica. Growing up in the Triassic Sector on a farm, she grew up with a dream of being a cop, and even stood up to larger dinosaurs including her childhood Daspletosaurus bully Das Grunt, who later turned himself around into a pastry chef. However, because of her species, Chief Tri-Tops neglected her approval many times until one crazy incident involving Pyroraptor smugglers gave her a chance by Mayor Rex to enroll in the Police Academy, where she'd eventually go to Precinct One, much to the annoyance of Tri-Tops, who immediately places her in parking duty even though that's more like a job for smaller creatures like Compsognathus and Troodon. But after failing to prove her worth to him, she gives in and stops a high-profile Baryonyx criminal, and inevitably gets a case involving a missing Tritylodon, despite having to resign in 48 hours if she failed. Eventually, with help from some unlikely 'Surfies' in the form of the Lodgers and ZPD, she'd get that chance.


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