Once again, the annual trading in Equestia begins again, and Cadence sees this as an oppertunity to get the reformed villains of the monistariy to trade away their objects of villainry as part of an exsirsize to forsake their evil pasts and ways, and maybe for in someway, those objects being reused for being part of something good and useful for their soon to be new owners, depending on if the approbeate person. However, the reformed villains have a pretty metahoritcly expendive exhcangeable for their goods: almost hard to reach items or something from their childhoods that they desired. In the case of Hank, a rare Equestian mutantion worm that turns it's victims into a super beast as a gift for Krytonia. Blot wants a painting of the imfamous blackbeard inexchange of his map of the realm to a 100000 treasures in desteny island, which is useless now in light of certain events and is now a poster, Count Vladamer would only part with his personal diary of his former evil ways in return for model relicata of a Celestia Statue so he can give it to his adopted children, Pred Judu Des and the 2 of the sisters would only exchange their weapons of predjududesal past inexchange for something simular but still new to start anew. and so on and so forth. However, Chain seems to have diffitculty letting go of her collection of bones from past victims for ANY reason cause like someone with a very bad case of autisum, she can't let go. Cadence, Pred, Sharp-Pay and Axe-rella, the reformed villains, the invited main 6 and the shell lougers plan to help on this, but all the while, the lougers need to foil a recently escaped Reforming Monistary "new arrival", a mentally confused and insane crocadile clown that takes his jokes abit too far, and would end up ruining the tradeing for everyone! This is yet going to be another insteresting trading day, huh?

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