Since the Young Six have been given a new home by the Tree of Harmony, where though it wasn't destroyed unlike the divergent timeline, Sombra's disabling did damage it enough that it went through a radical metamorthus and turned into an even bigger tree, but also basicly a sude-Twilight's Castle, but a club house. The introduction and accommodation of their other friends have started out with arguments and anxiety including Rhabdom having bad memories from being trapped in the Harmony Caves and the confusion of why it did so, but the group ends up trapped in the Caves themselves and find out that the Tree of Harmony is dying because King Sombra, though disabling it in the main timeline, Sombra's negitive enfluence has began to taint it's magic and created a second eviler personally reminant of Sombra's, thus sometimes Sombra's "Ghost" shows up. Sombra's corruption of the tree could risk turning the tree into one of Disharmony, and could have adverse effects into Equestria, if not the world. Thus, with the Main 7 and the Lougers busy with the problems above surface, it's up to the students, espeically Rhabdom who has personal connections with the tree, to save the Tree of Harmony from Sombra's last minute dirty trick.

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