Treedome Enterprises Limited is a housing cooperative in SpongeBob's world which is in charge of managing tree domes as residential establishments. It made it's only appearance in the episode "Chimps Ahoy", where three chimpanzee members of the Board of Directors, and superiors to Sandy are coming for an inspection and serves as the conflict of the episode, as she fears they'll cut her funding if she fails, meaning she must leave Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and Patrick try and fail to convince the three chimps to keep giving her funding, yet fail trying, until they reconsider after an automated nutcracker serves as a banana peeler, which they have apparently been searching for in over a century, thus giving Sandy a 20-year funding, serving as their one and only appearance. In truth, Treedome Enterprises started out as more than a real estate business, as it actually started out as a company for manufacturing inventions and breakthroughs in science and technology, until the idea of living underwater was apparently so popular, they founded a real estate agency. Lead by a chimpanzee named Lucy III, this company was founded during the 19th Century in a steampunk starter age, and pulled through for animals during days which human history posed a threat to their survival. They were specialists at making underwater air-supported habitats, and they had this technology to act as their way of securing their technology from pirates and criminals, even though even the members question the economic benefits of underwater habitats like this. Though it's revealed that they have some rivals like Skycaves Incorporated, whose leader, a fruit bat named Grey, started out as a rival to Treedome Enterprises' original lab chimp founder, George IX, during the early 20th Century not too long before World War I, and their current leaders, Lucy and another fruit bat named Vixie Volantis, continue to have this rivalry, as they were less successful in manufacturing flying caves, which was far more vulnerable than being underwater as there were clear people afraid of the water and the life within.


This company was at least formed before 1999. The company wasn't mentioned of until Sandy's bosses arrived to inspect Sandy's scientific knowledge and achievements.

When Sandy gave up before they even came, SpongeBob and Patrick wanted to create something to keep Sandy in Bikini Bottom. The two did, in fact, invent the Automatic Back Scratcher, Hair Comber, Nose Picker, and Ukulele Tuner 9000. However, the machine turned rogue and started threatening one of Sandy's bosses. Sandy arrived to see what the commotion was about. Her bosses decided to close down her residence. But before they left, the Automated Nutcracker impressed the chimps with its ability to peel bananas. This gave Sandy a chance to stay in Bikini Bottom, and the chimps left. The company was never heard of again.

Known Occupants


  • George IX (19th Century Founder)
  • Lucy III (Current Leader)

Board of Directors


  • Sandy Cheeks (Bikini Bottom)
  • Gifford Labbs (Majuro Bottom)
  • Helga V. Ampire (Great Barrier Reef, Formerly)
  • Shaw (Great Barrier Reef, Operates in Helga's Treedome)
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