Trevor Jurassic

Trevor Chevy Jurassic

Trevor C. Jurassic is a Troodon formosus from the prehistoric underground utopia of Zootopia called Dinosica. Growing up in the Cretaceous Sector, his species was stereotyped as wile pests and trouble-makers, and after being oppressed so many times for it, he decided to quit his own dreams and just be 'what he was gonna be seen as' and be a con artist, with a Compsognathus partner named Comps. He is a cunning and smart deceiver and very good business dealer who, after being helped in a speciesist Mammoth-run family eatery by a blind Tracy Coelies, the two didn't get along very nicely. Thus, after being hustled into admitting tax evasion by Tracy, he is forced to help her with an investigation to find a missing Tritylodon, yet after running into unlikely 'Surfies', they manage to do well in the department.


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