Tricorn-Katras is a high-tech security prison financed and founded by Senator Tricorn to be a new prison after believing that Prison 42 was a very inferior prison for how many times that prisoners escaped. This very prison formerly caused Prison 42 serious financial problems until powerful donations saved it, espeically in light that it's not at all an inferior prison, it was mainly because of a few cases of bad luck, it happens to even the best of prisons. It was built with help of S.H.I.E.L.D's blueprints for the Marvel Prison of the Raft after it was screwed up by Superior Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. The place has more security than the Pentagon, and the chances of a prisoner escaping without help are only 3%. Filled with hundreds of silent alarms, an advanced security system, a strong defense system, and being surrounded on all sides by electrified water, this prison was designed specifically to be the best of the best. It is currently being run by a taekwondo-master hamster warden named Warden Ayres. This prison would face controversy and questionability of it's own ability to be viewed as a competent prison when Junjie would decide to mess with it by causing a terrible uprising that would cause it to have financial problems of it's own. The prison's tendency to have certain wardens being needlessly violent to prisoners would ultimately lead to it's final downfall.


Senator Tricorn, watching as escape from Prison 42 was getting easier every few moments, decided that it was an inferior prison, not realizing that it's just a common flaw. So she was able to go to the Marvel Universe and buy up S.H.I.E.L.D's blueprints for the old criminal prison known as The Raft, which was previously ruined by Superior Spider-Man and Green Goblin. With the Raft no longer in service, it was understandable that S.H.I.E.L.D would give Tricorn full access to it's designs and secrets. So with the plans for the Raft in her possession, Tricorn was sure that the result would be a much better prison that would 'be 10 times better than Prison 42'.

The prison took over 2 years to build since the architecture, supports, and technology cost millions of dollars. But it was all worth it to Tricorn, and Tricorn-Katras was created on an island in the Dragon Realms. The entire prison was twice as big as the Raft, and it had twice as many cells inside. It's security was beyond state-of-the-arc, and there was room for about a hundred employees. Choosing the head warden was tough for Tricorn since she needed one that was unpredictably tough. She ended up finding it in the form of a former military fighter hamster named Diana Ayres, who she didn't make a first impression with since she at first laughed at her potential.

Surprisingly, even to Tricorn, Tricorn-Katras was doing far better than Prison 42, resulting in it having a financial situation that would eventually result in it being shut down for good, bringing the risk of having all it's prisoners go on the loose. However, thanks to massive funding from Lord Copperfang in Christmas 2014, Prison 42 not only got out of the financial crisis, but the extra money left over allowed for the prison to be given better upgrades. While Tricorn was disappointed that an 'inferior prison' was still alive, believing that she could move their prisoners into Tricorn-Katras, she was at least glad that her prison was a raging success, but she shows no true resentment to Prison 42 for at least learning from their mistakes by reapproving funding for it again.

However, with all it's impressive security and a 3% chance of prisoner escape, it didn't mean that it was impossible to be taken over just like with the Raft. Junjie and his cronies were able to break in and almost murder Warden Ayres with the prison's electric water, causing a prison takeover as all of it's criminals had aided the trio in Junjie's plans to trick the Lodgers into coming inside the prison and preparing them for execution, which went against the prisoners' original plans of taking them hostage and using them as leverage to force the High Council to let them go free. None of the other hero teams were capable of infiltrating the prison, or at least not until the security was shut down by the Lodgers, allowing them to escape with the ironic help of one of it's prisoners that was able to kill Junjie and leave him to be resurrected by his disappointed team, and while the prison was saved, the result was a financial crisis formed by the damages done to the prison. Tricorn was furious that her own prison was starting to have major flaws, and was worried that, with the people criticizing it's needlessly-abusive wardens, it's over-the-top painful security measures, the wardens being too quick to trust even senators they've never heard of before, and because of the typical controversy of the use of death sentences, Tricorn was worried that the prison would have to finally be shut down. She still worries about this problem to this day.


Tricorn-Katras is designed in a similar way to the Marvel prison called the Raft. It is very large, and was built on an island surrounded on all sides by electrified water which is meant as a security measure. The prison contains over 2,000 cells, each being monitored by cameras that also serve as makeshift turrets capable of shooting wherever the camera is facing. The bars of the cell are made of adamantium from the Marvel Universe, making them indestructible. Each cell has automatic daily meal systems that deliver 3 meals a day. The toilets of each cell are also inside privacy chambers that are monitored by automatic cameras that are programmed to set off the prison's silent alarms when sensitive things occur inside the chamber.

The prison's security is much greater than that of the Raft it was derived from. Silent alarms inside are everywhere in the prison, and there are hundreds of ways to trigger them. Any breach in the prison will set off the alarms. Each hallway is secured with DNA-scanning motion sensors that will automatically activate rapid-firing turrets that have tranquilizing rounds that will not so easily kill the target as much as knock it out, though it will inflict some painful wounds. Audio sensors are laced inside every hall where prison cells are located, and are activated during nighttime. The guards of the prison are given Kevlar and Nomex, some riot shields, and paralyzer guns that can immobilize it's target with the same tranquilizer rounds as the turrets.

Prisoners and Employees


  • Mr. Dudgeon- A Norwegian goshawk guard who was originally a member of the UUPD in the Dragon Realms HQ in Norway, even doing missions with Officer Axle.


  • Wily McGinnis- A German Shepherd murderer who is the father of Officer Wayne, and was the leader of the treacherous and xenophobic Ku Fox Clan, having been responsible for several fox murders, and had previously tried to convince his son to give into his fox-hating side with no success. After going through one mess of a situation with his mentality falling apart son, both Wayne and Wily were brought to Tricorn-Katras, thought Wily was already prior planned to go to Tri-Cornkatras. After another situation, it's been implied he was going to be given the death sentienced, reveiled in Almost Had Them in the Junjie Story. However, Prison polotics often end up making these such promises fall flat in their face thanks to anti-death sentence activists and life valueists oftening unintentioningly presevring this legitamently dangerious crook in meaning to preserve those that are may not actselly be respondsable for a crime or just don't like the idea of using death as a punishment even if it's on the most dispicable thing in the world, much less the universe.
  • Sammy Slasher- A flying squirrel criminal who was arrested for the murder of several people, including his own grandmother. He once attempted to escape by gliding from the highest point of the prison, yet couldn't make it to avoid the electric water, making him insane for weeks.
  • Long-Body Eduardo Santhices- An tattooed Spanish anaconda criminal who was arrested for starting street riots that caused hundreds of deaths, as well as smuggling. He is a bloodthirsty monster who will crush the life out of his target when he gets the chance.
  • Ted the Retarded- A dim-witted donkey who was arrested for accidental murders while drunk driving. He was kept in strong confinement because when he is drunk, he is a true killing machine. He had caused 289 deaths and 421 injuries in his drunk life.
  • Paranoid Bob the Religious- An insane lizard who was known for crucifying several people after accusing them of being possessed by demons. Since this was considered murder, he was arrested and sent to Tricorn-Katras, where he had become a delusional maniac who will accuse anyone as being possessed.
  • The Dark Twins- Gregory and Leroy Dark are two monkey twin brothers who have been arrested for smuggling and ransom. When they were busted by Officer Axle, they were deemed extremely dangerous criminals by Tricorn, understandable since both the Twins wanted revnege on Tricorn for blaming their mother, the good twin, for the actions of their evil aunt and thus took away her life over it, and picked a rather extreme way of blowing her up with a nuclear fueled C4 exploudive that was thwarted by the lougers and all it served them was labeling them as Terrorists, and were to be sent to Tricorn-Katras.
  • Denny the Insane- A hyena who was wanted for assault and battery, murder, resisting arrest, property damage, and starting riots. He was a very trigger-happy maniac who was noted for his cranky and recognizable laugh.
  • Flip-Flop Frank- A rhino who had been born with a split personality, one being good and the other being murderous. After an accident, Frank ended up losing himself to the other personality permanently, and now he is noted for being half-frowning and half-smiling. He was eventually arrested for mass murder and arson.
  • Crazy Chester- A parrot serial killer who was known for a wicked personality and an annoying habit of talking. He was arrested for the murders of several important people, including a relative to Tricorn, instantly getting her angry and having him sent to Tricorn-Katras.
  • Brock Brawler- A muscular bear who was once a wrestler who ended up getting arrested for forcing his employer to pay up the money under threat of a brutal punishment, and was almost able to cripple Gilda when the Shell Lodgers arrived to deal with the situation. Brock has since been wanting to kill the Lodgers.
  • Sylvester Slaughter- A gorilla just as menacing as Kerchek, only he's a bad guy. He was much stronger than Brock, even able to beat him in a brawl. He was wanted for assaulting his own father, as well as several assaults, murders, and thieveries following several escapes.
  • Jumbo the Terrible- A large elephant who is a criminal because he is known to have a mental illness where he goes on a rampage whenever he gets mad. One such fury caused him to cause billions of dollars in property damage, reckless endangerment, disturbing the peace, assault, murder, and was considered too dangerous to live in society. He was put in the strongest cells Tricorn-Katras had to offer, yet he does escape every once in a while with a few followers, and has to be handled by the Shell Lodgers.
  • Enlivy- A British sand lizard that has gauntlets, boots, and glasses that could scan and adapt around an opponent and was one of the most formidable supervillains, but her own strentghs are also a weakness as she ends up getting bored so easily for being too OP. Thus, she ironicly ends up being the less taken seriously supervillain in the business because at worse, she's just a thrillseeker too easily disappointed by how she beats heroes. And with the Lougers the greatest she beaten, she desided to retire from villainy in cause that "They ruined villainy for me by being so EASY".

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