Trigger,(Right)and Nutzy (Left).

Trigger and Nutsy
are dimwitted vultures from Spongebob and Friends meet Robin Hood, who formerly served as henchmen to Prince John during King Richard's absence.


Trigger was one of the henchmen to The Sheriff of Nottingham. Trigger wears a metal helmet and carries a crossbow. While he and his sidekick Nutsy are fairly dimwitted and incompetent, Trigger seems to be the smarter of the 2, as he is often more aware of potential trouble. However, he is known for his itchy trigger finger, which often results in his crossbow accidentally firing.


Nutsy was one of the henchmen to the Sheriff of Nottingham. He is usually seen wearing a purple cloak and hood, and is seen at one point with a battle axe. it's no surprase why he's called nutsy, due to being a kluts at times, and has bad time telling skills, and what with his bad ability to blurt out secrets, it's likey Trigger has to be around to keep him from blurting impourent stuff out.

roles in the series

they formerly served as rerinforcements of the villain leage, eveidented in Spongebob and Friends in Robin hood and some camio appearences in very few projects (mostly Trigger) whenever Prince John is on the attack as a reinforcement character, in the origenal verson of Spongebob and Friends meet Robin hood, Nutsy got eaten by Banzai, but was edited out by the re-make of menioned film. according to the preview of SpongeBob and Friends Meet Oliver & Company, they reformed and join the Shell Louge Squad, due to getting revoked of their villain leage membership cause of Trigger presumealy injuring Mirage with his arrows from trigger-fingering. They were presumed temorary corrupted, but it may had weaken cause of their stupidity and semi-uselessness other then just simple guards, and then again, they probaly couldn't even get that right.

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