Master Trigress

Trigress, real name Rong Molan, is an Alternate UUniversal Triger from Planet Zo. Orphaned from a family of Triger conquerors with parents who wanted her to have a better life and left her at an orphanage before being executed by their master and Trigress' grandfather Rong Kunh Rhen, she was feared in the entire orphanage for her uncontrollable strength until being adopted by Zhigu as his first pupil who accidentally formed what's known as the Fury Five with Kongin, Mangris, Ruuber, and Andane, after a mistaken invitation and defeating a Brontyus terrorizer named Bor Dong, and has since defended the Qong Fu Valley for 20 years before joining the Clam Lounge Squadron. She is the AUU version of Tigress.


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