Troge Evan Hunts

Troge E. Hunts Is an Alternate UUniversal Auraeon from Taitera. He is a golden amphibian and former hunter who has a pet Gorebird named Bloodbeak, and after winning an interuniversal sharpshooting competition with virtually every type of weapon he used at an underaged level, the other competitors accused him of cheating and eventually got him banned from the competition for 'unsportsmanlike conduct' although many witnesses noted that he did not display any unsportsmanlike behavior until after the accusations began. He then travelled the Beofynzeny System with his trusty pet Gorebird he rescued as an egg, searching for 'everything these freaking UUniverses owe me', which he has defined as a better gun and unlimited cash, but rescuing the Gorebird, it turns out, was a felony as it was endangered in the Beofynzeny System, and he was thus not only wanted for possession of endangered species, but also for poaching said species by keeping it as a pet, which he made perfectly clear it was just a rescue. Thus, he found it by becoming a powerful vigilante who fought against Awesome Jaxtom, separating his from his other-worldly girlfriend through the Micro-Dyson Sphere surrounding the system, and thus later on became a hunter in the boonies town of Rancid Gulch until his achievements were recognized by Morco, who adopted him through a grand opportunity: the 88 Vaults of the Beofynzeny System, which would get him what he sought since his incident in the competition, becoming a Vault Seeker. He helped for a while until Jaxtom had him mind-controlled along with his other 7 friends into searching for the Vaults for himself, all under the eye of the evil Phaseforce commander Commandant Steelea. He is an AUU parallel to Borderlands Mordecai, and thus has similar capabilities.


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Troge is a renowned assassin and hunter, as he has all the right equipment for the job. As an Auraeon, he has the ability to display spikes all over his body for intimidation, but because this is a world of bravery and toughness, it never works. But he makes up for it with natural agility, reflexes, speed, stamina, vast jumping height, acrobatic ability, martial arts and self-defense, and high tolerance to sunlight and UV radiation.

His main weapons of choice are his trusty vibro-machete, which he is very agile while using it. He carries a Huncus ISD-400 Infinite Storage Device to contain virtually any weapon or item he finds, whether it be for use in the battlefield, or to sell for a quick buck. His preferred weapon to use is Krooger, as it was his father's favorite weapon line for it's efficiency in hunting and anti-hunting when fighting against monsters or innocent animals. He also has a Huncus ERES-550 Explosive Recharging Energy Shield, which is capable of jettisoning excess energy as a weapon when depleted to fry anything within it's radius, all while recharging afterwards.

His most reliable weapon is Bloodbeak, the endangered Gorebird he rescued, and nevertheless unintentionally broke the law through. When the Phaseforce threatened to take the young bird away, the bird had already shown a bond to Troge that it didn't wanna leave, and thus it severely injured them, and killed one of them, the dead victim of which it ate. He has since been Troge's trusted companion and guardian. It is used by him also for falconry, as he uses him to deliver messages, retrieve anything out of his reach, or to watch out for any incoming targets. It is so fast, it can dodge gunfire, and it has so much willpower, it can survive normally-fatal gunshots.


  • "(In a turbolift)... Now that you mention it, I DO love standing here doing NOTHING!!!"
  • "He's big, he's angry, he's DEAD!"
  • "You like my pet? Don't pet him, he BITES!"
  • "You looking at Bloodbeak? They lookin' at you, Blood?"
  • "Don't slip on your blood getting up. C'mon."
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