Jegess. A world where it is said three feudulent Magilo Brothers battled eachother in an endless war over who can be the master with magical beast creatures named the Cespers, it ended up turning a once normal planet into a mixed climent planet with a heavy enfluence in magic. After the war where each brother ended up emtrapping themselves to the Magilo Dimention and still fight eachother to this day, the Cespers have established a Cesper realm where they aim to bring their respective masters back and resume their war. However, a human maiden who fell in love with a Cesper accsidently interfeared with the ritual and ended up getting suck to the Magilo Dimention, where her daughter from another family was left orphan, accusing the Cespers of meaning to do it and ran away, where she was so consumed with sadness she cried herself into a coma, where she was found by her grandfather, the emperor of the Jegression Imperial Empire, Emperor Jegessnu. Apawn learning his daughter's fate, and what the Cespers aimed to do, The Emperor fell into a self-corrupting fury of wanting to make the Cespers suffer for trying to bring back the anicent "War of Brothers" back to the world, and has since subugated the Cespers to harsh exspeariments which empowered the empire's tec. In so, the Emperor became a dark and depressing force, and began to punish people harshly for sympathising with Cespers, even with their plans to bring back their warring masters in mind. It doesn't help that he grew numb in trusting a netourious extremest, Bozoka Clownzo, his once happy jester and his grand daughter's cousin, distaught by the loss of a family member twisted him into the love child of Joker/Kefta Palazzo/Pennywise/Virtually any evil clown trope and takes punishing defecters of the empire to a harsher extreme, and the emperor, dominated by his sadness for his granddaughter, along with being tainted by unhealthy curiousity for the Cespers power, has grown tragicly numb of what he and Bozoka have become. Thus, the Emperor's Granddaughter, Corra Blenfind, has since served as vanguard against the ever rising rebellions in the planet. But one day, the Jegression Empire's reign will be challnaged by something even the planet's famous Magiltec can't fight off. Corra going through a raid on a neutrol city coming under control of a rebelion faction to snuff out some rebels ended in dishastor when a powerful Cesper wiped out the Imperial Forces and nearly killed her, only to have been recovered just in time by rebelion members. Meanwhile, our heroes, the Shell Louge Squad and the Heroes Act were asked by the Magilo Council to finally bring peace to Jegess, a world with a troubling Magilo origin, and do what they can. After comfirming that the Rebelion vs. Empire situation is mostly straight forword, the heroes came to aide the rebelion, and are in for quite a day.

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