Preachlord Nooms has came to the world of Jomos, now having turned into the help of Kafar and the Darksiders, to join forces with a renigade realijustus group still loyal to the forsakened anti-sharing testiment called The Belief Bergade, lead by a rotten adviser of Zealord who's ansister corrupted Zealord's ansistery into unreasonable paranioa, Grand Viser Eel-Skin, a hypcritical jerk who didn't cared about what was true or not, for he wanted to keep the Jomos tecknowagey in Jomos so HE can misuse the devices into making himself an obedient army to enslave the whole universe under the Jomos realigen! However, this failed before it truely began thanks to Zealord wasting all oppertunies by making him attend war meetings, Xena getting the way, and ultamately the Heroes Act and Lougers getting him fired for being a "Realijustus abuser". The Preachlord offers new oppertunity by joining forces with the Dark Siders, who in return, will truely abolish atheistisum and have the UARA members punished for ruining his plans and finally have his obedient army! In return, Eel-Skin has to cause a bloodly uprising to convert Jomos under the fallen realigen of "Shakona-Nimm", as well as placing the planet in of itself under the control of Kafar-Ja and the Darksiders. Eel-Skin proved too greedy to resist and accepted! Fortunately, the UARA was keeping tabs on Preachlord and Eel-skin for awhile, and already with the includion of the Lougers and The Heroes Act, it's time to make sure the realigen of Shakona-Nimm dies for good, by making sure Nooms will have to meet his last stand in Jomos, the Union deeming him too dangerious to be left alive anymore. While the Lougers and the Heroes Act don't fully approve of death being used as a punishment, they acknowledge that Nooms won't stop trying to be a threat to the AUU, and now are force to accept what must be done.

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