The UIS and USRA sends the Lodgers and Heroes Act to the AE System to deal with yet another Teadr 1 race mission. But this particular Teadr 1 race is evil: The Serns, who have had long history in the AE System. They meet The AE Cooperation Movement to learn that AE stands for 'After Ectet' after the destruction of the planet Ectet, the biggest victims of the Serns. The AE Cooperation Movement was founded by the Serns' transbeing descendants, the Electrinons, who are secretly planning to resurrect not just Ectet, but in time the Serns, with a Ectet machine derived from Teadr 1 machine called the Terrasphere, and the last one in existence, which already has a massive codex of genetic material from Ectet including it's race before it's destruction. However, there exists an endling Sern of endless pure energy called Queen Energies, who was the queen of the Serns before their extinction that kept herself alive for eons by feeding on energy. By now she's practically an unstoppable being of pure energy. To keep the Serns from being resurrected for evil, the heroes must find the last Terrasphere and activate it. With a crew of unlikely space pirates of each member race of the AE Cooperation Movement, they find the Terrasphere in a protoplanetary disc outside the system, and with Energies after it for her own nefarious purposes, and the heroes' Erkreeson space pirate friend Greeken turning out her mercenary, the heroes end up developing a plan to use Energies herself to power the Terrasphere and finish their mission.

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