The Troyx Dagon Lord, real name unknown, is an Alternate UUniversal entity, formerly Dracthon, from Planet Arplume. In his youth, he was foster-raised by a cult who worshiped the Troyx, a BIONICLE-like race of Teadr 1 biomechanical beings who mastered the art of robotics, once being organic beings until outfitting themselves with the gift of robotics to be immortal and do things beyond their organic limits. Though dying out like most Teadr 1 beings, the Troyx were rumored to still be alive, as Emperor Fing, a snake-like reptile with delusions of grandeur and power, sought to steal Troyx technology, combine it with stolen Ehaexon magic, and use it for evil, having Dagon as a second-in-command. However, he made the big mistake of betraying him when confronted with the Clam Lounge Squadron, leaving him to seemingly die on a Snowball Earth-like world, to where he was supposedly defeated, because he feared that TDL, as a manipulative and very insubordinate egomaniac, as well as the last early person attempting to harness the power of the Troyx alive, would betray and overthrow him, dumping him for safety precautions. However, TDL unearthed an ancient device of Troyx origin, and used it to do something unexpected: become an entity of living data. With this, he was capable of possessing machinery, awakening the Troyx, something of which Fing was struggling to do, and is soon out to kill his traitorous leader for leaving him to die, and manages to do so, but only leaving him as an android while he in turn would gain a new body of epic proportions and had the power to back up his will and determination to rule with the power of the Troyx. He is similar in voice, tone, and ruthlessness to Lord Vyce of AT4W, and his powers ensure that he is simply no pushover, but he has a backstory and attitude identical to his OUU counterpart, Dark Dragon.


Born on Planet Arplume during dark times when the Alpha Universe was recovering from it's Second Cartoonian War and because of technology growing on Arplume, magic became obsolete and began dying. Dagon was the last of his kind alive and he ended up in a mortal lizard body, and raised by a newfound cult, given the name 'Dagon' after an ancient AUU word for dracthons, especially when he had the anger and attitude of one. When he grew up in this mortal form, when stumbling upon magic relics, he discovered his true form. Though his foster family aimed to abuse this form because they sought to awaken the Troyx, a race of biomechanical beings, hoping to achieve immortality with their power. They dried up his magic to awaken their first Troyx. Though it was a success, the Troyx died because of dying and dormant magic. Angry that they let his special power be wasted on a dud, Dagon attempted to leave until his foster family threw him in a cell and held him against his will to get more magic to try again.

For years, he has always failed to escape his imprisonment, and his cell was extremely armored. When his magic finally reached it's peak from his own anger, the cult's attempt to repeat the ritual resulted in this magic being too much for them and he slaughtered the entire cult for their betrayal. He then sought to find this power for himself, and has done so for eons. As Arplume modernized further, he ended up stealing all the remnants of the magic that was left for himself, getting enough to last him an entire dracthon's generation. By the time of the Villains Act, he was still at the peak of his power and made an alliance with another person out for the power of the Troyx, Fing. He found a better way to resurrect them via Ehaexon magic, which could bring back great things, but only at a cost since demonic magic was magic of transactions. Though Fing ended up trading away Dagon's magic for the magic to resurrect the Troyx, but because he didn't trust Dagon's unruliness, claiming that he'll have it back when he's ready.

Angry, Dagon plotted to steal Fing's power for himself. Without his Dracthon form, he was forced to replace it with cybernetics, but all under Fing's control since he still could not trust him. Dagon has since been waiting for a chance to strike back.


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