Trudy Lea Bopps
Judy concept art
Vital statistics
Title Officer Bopps
Gender Female
Race/Species Brush rabbit (Sylvilagus bachmani)
Faction Herbavoris Police Department, Second Precinct
Description Cautious About Predators, Fears Rabbit-Based Sicknesses Such As Myxomatosis
Skills and Abilities Natural Rabbit Agility and Abilities, Near-Skilled, Clever, and Experienced as Judy Hopps, Is Capable Of Sympathy Yet Doesn't Show It
Status Alive
Location Zootopia
  • Cyprus Grove (Hometown)
  • Herbavoris (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Trudy L. Bopps is a rabbit officer of Herbavoris and one of the few non-sheep animal cops present. She's a high-ranking LT and among the best cops in the force, though at first was a meter maid until a successful capture of a notorious python cat burglar named Pyatnytsky, which she didn't exactly abandoned her duties to stop like Judy as opposed to her duties causing the incident in the first place, earned her better respect among her superiors. Apart of being a bit like Judy, she is seperately defined from her enough as she has a cynical and depressing outlook on Herbavoris. Viewing it only as a broken city filled with broken laws infested with broken people with broken dreams. But she serves and protects reguardless because it's her job. While having no love for Swineton, she doesn't consider it proper police conduct to be against her. She only views it pointless to be against absolute power and would rather not go against it. But would an unexpected surprise place her and others in that position to stop that force when it is truely being a threat?

Trudy Bopps is a parallel to Judy Hopps in the alternate conspect to the Zootopia Film. And she has a voice on par with Elizabeth Banks as opposed to Ginnifer Goodwin despite their similar tones.


Like Judy, Trudy was raised in a town called Cyprus Grove, a place no different than Bunny Borrow, with the difference that she was raised in an environment where much more predators were common, and there were far more predator bullies. Trudy lived in oppression to them, yet despite her parents' prejudice against them, an unfortunate event caused Trudy to not look at them the same way again. A gray fox got in trouble thanks to Trudy's parents, and thus when he was able to discover a bunny dying from the rabbit-based sickness of myxomatosis, he snuck in and took some blood, and passed it onto Trudy's father, thereby causing him to die of the sickness days later. Trudy called out the fox and threatened to turn him in, but not without taking a vicious beating until the kid was finally set to juvenile hall for murdering her father. From that day forward, Trudy had trouble trusting predators, even when growing up and getting a mature respect for those that change from their bully status.

Thus, when her mother hears that Trudy wants to be a police officer, she gets an idea to sign her up to the Herbavoris Police Academy as she was so blinded by her husband's death that she decided to move to Herbavoris and open a farm-based business there and also ensure that no predator could harm her. Though Trudy was skeptical because of the terrible things she heard about the place, she did want to do it for her father, so she nevertheless accepted. During her training in the Academy, she didn't do well at first, and struggles. But by the time of the Night-Howler Incident of Zootopia, Trudy improved more after being inspired by Judy into pushing further. Thus, she will later be a new addition to the Second Precinct of the Herbavoris Police Department, yet learn the hard way that predators are not all that's cracked up to be.

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