In Greek Mythology Titans were a race of powerful deities who were overthrown by the Olympian gods when they came to power. In Disney's Hercules, the Titans are portrayed as four elemental monsters who terrorized Ancient Greece. They were the physical manifestation of the element they controlled. These "Titans" were original creations for the film. In the Spongebob series, it is revealed that the "Titans" featured in the film were not actually the real Titans of mythology. Actually, they were Hexxus's elemental sons who stole that name from the real Titans in order to make them look bad in the eyes of mortals.

The true titans are actually wise and powerful beings who actually supported Zeus in overthrowing their evil brother, Cronus. The only reason they were sent to Tartarus was because Zeus wanted to keep them safe from the clutches of the darkness.

The true titans are as follows:

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